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The Number One Fallacy That Brought On This Economic Calamity

When it comes to the economy and money, you can’t “fake it until you make it.” If you try to…
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What’s Biden’s End Game in Ukraine?

By Ron Paul Last week, President Biden signed a massive $40 billion military aid bill for Ukraine. Who cares that…
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Is The FDA & Corporatism Starving America’s Babies?

​The baby formula crisis is yet another disaster that must result from government & giant corporations working hand-in-hand. So-called “government…
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Biden’s ‘Disinfo Board’ RIP? Don’t Hold Your Breath!

After an outcry over the creation of a “Ministry of Truth” within the Department of Homeland Security – with a…
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Democrats Introduce Bill To Put Americans In Quarantine Camps

RealNewsChannel.com Clay Clark of https://thrivetimeshow.com/ joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the Dems’ bill to send American citizens to quarantine camps….
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‘Let’s Make A Deal’ – Turkey Sets Demands For Finland/Sweden NATO Membership

And the winner of “never let a crisis go to waste” is Turkey’s Erdogan, who vows to block NATO membership…
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War Comes Closer: Senate OK’s $40 Billion To Ukraine; NATO Pledges ‘Open Ended’ Support

This morning only eleven Senators – all Republican – voted against a MASSIVE giveaway to Ukraine, even as Americans suffer…
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Mitch McConnell: ‘Name Russia State Sponsor Of Terrorism!’

Fresh off his trip to Kiev, wandering the streets of a supposed war zone with America’s adopted “hero” Zelensky, Senate…
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Why Did Rand Paul Delay Washington’s $40 Billion Ukraine Giveaway?

By Ron Paul Even by Washington standards, the Biden Administration’s recent request for $33 billion for military aid to Ukraine…
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The Student Loan Crisis: Yet Another Government-Created Problem

Government is not a problem-solver, but a problem multiplier. In an effort to make college “more affordable” and “more accessible,”…
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Need Baby Formula? Gods Got the Solution! (satire)

This Story is Satire take it with Good Humor

Video Proves 2020 Was Stolen From Trump/ 2000 MULES CENSORED

David Wilcock tells Mike Adams the global cabal will be taken down BEFORE the mid-term elections

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