The Diesel Engine Oil Crisis EXPLAINED! Truckers and Farmers Must See Video!

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Mike Adams reports an Urgent Warning to anyone who uses Diesel engines! Truckers, Farmers and anyone who uses diesel engines such as Trains, you need to know this NOW!

Who is looking into solutions for the Diesel engine oil crisis?

Contact your Senators and Representatives NOW! The catastrophic shortage in diesel fuel is REAL and since everything is delivered by trains and trucks, we will see shortages in food, medicines and every other necessary product we can’t do without!

One things for certain we have very ruff year ahead of us whether its due to this crisis or the likely famine that will happen because of this and the attacks on food manufacturers. Products including food can’t get to where they are going without trucks or trains.

I know moneys tight for many but STOCK UP on what ever you can to survive the next year or so!

No more smooth sailing here! Rough Waters Ahead for the foreseeable Future!

Prepare As Best You Can!



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