The Democrats Plan To Destroy American Prosperity

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President Trump warned us about the radical left’s evil plan to destroy the oil industry and transition American energy to the Green New Deal. And now He is proven right.

Since his first days in office Biden has been attacking America’s Energy infrastructure. He shutdown the Keystone pipeline, Banned domestic drilling, and is trying to shove his “Green New Deal” right down our throats. As a result People cant heat there homes, keep the lights on, Afford Gas, and the devastation to our Trucking and transportation industries has been unbelievable. Trucks are the goods including food gets to us. No trucks no supplies, no goods. This man has done so much to destroy this contry he should be declared an “Enemy of the State” and impeached. Which is why the Dems fear the midterms. If the Republicans get control back, Impeachment is exactly what will happen. So you can bet your bottom dollar the Dems will pull every dirty trick in the book including a likely “false flag event” to halt or delay the midterms.

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