Wisconsin Activist Group Tells Republican Politicians Either Decertify Soon or Plan to Be Removed from Office

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Written by: Joe Ayers

Just days ago The Gateway Pundit reported;

A group of Wisconsin activists announced their intent to remove every single Wisconsin politician who votes against decertifying the 2020 Election results in the state. 

From the letter: “Madison, WI) today, charter members of Wisconsin Citizens Demanding Election Integrity (WCDEI) issued an open letter, putting Wisconsin’s Republican state legislators on notice that their coalition will work for the removal of those officials who do not now quickly move to decertify November 2020 election results

Each Republican legislative office will receive an electronic copy of the open letter, which is also being widely distributed via social media. The letter can be viewed at: bit.ly/DecertifyWI

WCDEI has given legislators until end-of-day on March 17th to make their intentions regarding decertificationplain to the people of Wisconsin, via either press conference or press release. Any state legislator failing to meet this deadline will be considered in violation of his or her sworn oath and will be prioritized for removal from office. The coalition’s large and growing network of citizens will subsequently work to achieve those removals.

WI Open Letter Press Releas… by Jim Hoft

I’m totally on board with this I have lived here in WI for most of my life and during that time The Republicans have had the majority. It never changes they talk big and smile pretty for the cameras at election time but when push comes to shove they do a lot of nothing. Don’t get wrong there are some good folks in Madison but there are a few RINOS too. They blame Evers for his Veto but know they could get enough votes to override him if they really wanted to. It makes me feel good that there are still good people like James Tesauro and the WCDEI. It gives me hope for the future of our state.

Now let us hear what Former Army Captain James Tesauro has to say about his meeting with a local politician in his own words:

In any case, This “go along to get along” Attitude in Madison has got to go. Our nation is being destroyed by Biden and the Dems and if Wisconsin is going to survive we need Strong Decisive Leaders that get things done. Not whissy-wassy, whichever way the wind blows politicians who only seem to care only about their next paycheck. Coming up we have an opportunity to step up and remove these individuals from office and replace them with “doers” rather than “talkers”. So let us start now by supporting the WCDEI in their efforts. Call Madison and tell your Representative DESERTAFY NOW OR START JOB HUNTING!

You can contact them here: https://legis.wisconsin.gov/

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