Monkeypox Outbreak Study Not Only Reveals It’s Gay Men, Also Reveals They Have HIV

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From the War Room: Owen breaks down the reality behind the spread of monkey-pox. Right on schedule the the WHO and Biden are preparing there new “Boggie Man or Boogie Virus” in this case. A the Covid Scare fizzles as people learn more and more about it and they reject the Covid Death jab they something new for us to be scared of, right before the election naturally. So here the “monkey” that Biden wants on our backs, Monkey Pox a Unpleasant but normally NOT DEADLY illness the he wants to use to declare yet another “Emergency” so he can use “EMERGENCY POWERS” to save us from the big bad bug, which is a big bunch of bullshit!

What astonishes me, is that there still people falling this crap, even after all the many of the Covid lies have started to hit the mainstream. So as the Demtards go “Ape” over the Monkey pox the rest of us will have to push back, legally of course, to stop what ever Half -Ass restrictions Biden’s cronies dream up this time.

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