Joseph Ladapo, the Florida Surgeon General Who Challenges Coronavirus Fearmongering and ‘Unsafe’ Coronavirus Shots

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I first wrote about Joseph Ladapo in September of 2021, soon after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Ladapo to be the state’s surgeon general and run the state’s health department. “The new state surgeon general, in his comments at the Tuesday appointment announcement event,” I wrote in a Ron Paul Institute article, “spoke boldly in favor of freedom and against using health fearmongering, including the overstating of dangers from coronavirus, as an excuse to violate individual rights.”

Since then, Ladapo has acted on a number of occasions to advance liberty and health in the face of coronavirus fearmongering, including instances I have related in further articles. Ladapo refused US government shipment to the Florida government of coronavirus “vaccine” shots for babies and children ages four and younger, advised that men ages 19 to 39 not take the shots, and advised parents “Keep sticking with your intuition and keep those COVID jabs away from your kids” when yearly coronavirus shots were added to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s childhood vaccine schedule.

While other states’ top health officials were dutifully repeating the fallacious mantra about the shots being “safe and effective” for everyone, Ladapo exercised the courage to stand up against this propaganda and speak out loudly for rationality, liberty, and health promotion.

Ladapo, who is both a medical doctor and the holder of a Ph.D. in health policy, was recently interviewed by host Cheryl Chumley at her Bold and Blunt Podcast. In the interview, Ladapo, as the show’s title suggests speaks both boldly and bluntly about government building up the coronavirus scare and using it as an excuse to exercise greater power at the expense of both liberty and the health government officials claimed they were seeking to advance. Starting the interview with discussion of the public face of US coronavirus policy — Anthony Fauci, Ladapo observes that Fauci “was always very busy shaping information to fit his view of what Americans should do,” providing the example of Fauci taking “a long time to make it very clear, and even now he’s not perfect, about the difference in risk between older people and younger people” from coronavirus. That, Ladapo explains, helped advance implementing policies such as school restrictions and closures to supposedly protect children who in reality were at very little risk from coronavirus.

With the coronavirus scare moving into history, Ladapo makes the important observation in the interview that individuals coming to terms with their having been “absolutely misled by people like Dr. Fauci is a critical step to help all of us avoid ever getting to that point again where we become so easy prey to manipulation by fear, which is exactly what happened.”

The coronavirus shots are also a focus of the interview, with Ladapo describing the mRNA coronavirus shots as “just inherently less safe” than other vaccines while “sadly, ironically they have been pushed harder than any so it’s a terrible combination.” Ladapo also suggests that he will be recommending that additional groups of people not take the mRNA shots, stating, “I actually anticipate that there will be more groups that are identified with data who have a signal for increased risks for whom these covid mRNA vaccines will not be recommended.”

Even if the coronavirus shots had turned out to be safe and effective for everyone as promoted relentlessly in the pro-shots propaganda, Ladapo would have opposed them being forced on people via mandates. As he states in the interview, “when it comes to your body, that’s given to you by God, and no one has any right, authority to put anything in your body without your consent, without your agreement.” But, the reality with the coronavirus shots, explains Ladapo, is that the injury from the vaccine mandate “was quadrupled by the fact that these mRNA covid-19 vaccines are just much, much less safe.” Ladapo elaborates:
They are essentially unsafe products. Their safety profile is just so poor that it’s something that should be used with much more caution than they’ve pushed.
Listen to Ladapo’s interview here:

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