Censored by MSM: Vladimir Putin Threatens Nuclear War in Europe

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Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly reiterated his commitment to preventing Ukraine from joining NATO hours after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday.

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Unknown Speaker 3:03
do you understand it or not? That of Ukraine joins NATO. And attempts to bring Crimea back by military means the European countries will be automatically pulled into a war. in conflict with Russia. You were

Unknown Speaker 3:21
at peace keys through me after my teachers kibou channel to vion the conflict Tracy condition. Of course,

Unknown Speaker 3:28
NATO and Russia. potentials are incomparable and

Unknown Speaker 3:33
they should put themselves at the newly Irving’s affinity pricing is pristine. We understand it, but you might miss what I say. And

Unknown Speaker 3:40
we also understand that Russia is one of the leading nuclear states if you’re gonna companion modern components, it even outperforms many

Unknown Speaker 3:50
like it could be ditalini booted

Unknown Speaker 3:53
there will be no winners. You look at the cause they’re backing up 10 seconds. So just threatened to use their hypersonic cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. And of course, the United States has even stuff more advanced that secret but the point is, is that it doesn’t matter. It’s nuclear weapons. And they’ve got Russian suicide soldiers with suitcase nodes already in Europe all over the place. Doesn’t matter if space based system shoot down the Russian ballistic missiles or submarine launch missiles, that doesn’t matter. The nukes are all over the place. Make no mistake, make no mistake. And the United States has suicide trips as well all over the place. So this is not a good situation. And they’re collectively bringing us all towards suicide

Unknown Speaker 4:50
I bought this from a museum wasn’t that expensive? A couple $1,000 But the paleontologists that curated it and mind this North Africa estimate that this is 30 million years old. These are folks that live their lives and floated down on the bottom and died. That wasn’t they died 10,000 years ago or 30 million years ago, like scientists say, regardless, they were living little creatures that had a life and went through the different paces. But what about humans? We can envision all this incredible art photo of my daughter a painting, I did a painting my older daughter did a painting my uncle did who’s been long dead when he was eight years old. Another painting my older daughter did a painting my young daughter did. All of this is precious, because it’s consciousness. And it’s things we’re interfacing with. And the global is don’t want us to have any consciousness, except ideas they pour into our brains. That’s what the surveillance of the censorship is all about. And they’re doing everything they can now to silence us and shut us down. Because they know I’m a populist. They know I believe in you. I believe in myself, I believe in humanity. So that’s why as we hurtle into the year 2022. held today is February 2 2020, tu tu tu tu tu How would you say it wrong? tu tu, tu

Unknown Speaker 6:16
tu tu,

Unknown Speaker 6:17
tu tu tu tu tu here, here we are together, ladies and gentlemen. And just look at this. My grandmother 50 Some years ago, helped my mom 70 Some 60 Some years ago, my mom was a little girl, she watched her mother. Knit that little hedgehog together. And here’s one of my great daughters, my middle daughter with my younger daughter, this is so magic. This is what life’s about. It’s about this great experience that we have together. There’s a little painting I did two years ago, probably 20 years ago now of the Japanese wave. And here’s, here’s a little art piece my four year old daughter did and here’s something I did. The point is, is this is all what life’s about is our experiences and our love together. And these tyrants are trying to shut that down. And we can let them and we can’t let them shut enforced. And so now, I tell the listeners viewers, we need your support More than ever. And everything we promote everything we sell empowers you as well to 360 win. So please word of mouth, spread the word. Please pray for us. And please go to infowar store.com Right now, and get the great supplements of great T shirts, right products to keep us on air because I don’t want the global to be successful. I don’t want them to shut us down. I don’t want them to silence me or you or anybody else. I know we’re gonna win. And enforce has come so far together. And I don’t think our fight has ended. But if it does end, I understand I’ve had a big, successful role here. But regardless, whatever you do, I want you to keep on fighting and never stop, never surrender. God bless and good luck.

Unknown Speaker 8:06
Here we are on the edge of thermonuclear war. When I saw this quote this morning, and the Daily Mail, I had trouble believing it. So I went and searched some of the quotes and found it nowhere else in the Western news. So then our crew spent some time and found it in Russian. And we checked it and had it translated. And indeed, we found a version that has subtitles, where Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia has threatened nuclear war and said within the blinking of an eye. He says you won’t have time to blink your eye. If NATO continues its Article Five takeover. I’ve got the quotes right here on the video of Ukraine on this proxy war. We’re going to basically stop you. He’s been very clear. And that’s what the troops are there for. He has no intention of invading if they don’t take over the country, which the West already has a lot of troops and weapons. So there’s been a long time six year proxy war going on in the east, which is almost 100% Russian. So the headlines are all about Russia makes a fool of Macron by denying that Putin agreed to deal

Unknown Speaker 9:29
but that’s not what the headline really should state. Info Wars got the headline right when we took the quote and posted it. Vladimir Putin warns a nuclear war could break out if Ukraine joins NATO.

Unknown Speaker 9:49
In October, believe me though, you can hear it directly from Putin. Again, I’m gonna put this on screen it’s got subtitle for TV viewers. For radio listeners. We’re gonna start and stop it. show that everybody can really get an idea of what’s unfolding here because this is a big deal. This isn’t invading some Middle Eastern country that doesn’t have high tech weapons. This isn’t the regular globalist operations this is potentially into the world type stuff that is unfolding right now. So let’s go ahead and roll that video putting

Unknown Speaker 10:25
NIFA to shoot us with the pictures

Unknown Speaker 10:29
take the cube down for a second read a place I’ve been saying it but I’d very much want you to finally hear me and deliver it to your audience in print TV online.

Unknown Speaker 10:40
No wishing because they wish to be leaving it was Lucia Lucia thief concert canceled in Venice later this week she turtle is easily possible to internet opening my children.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
Do you understand it or not? That of Ukraine join tonight.

Unknown Speaker 10:54
Not that he

Unknown Speaker 10:57
and attempts to bring Crimea back by military means the European countries will be automatically pulled into a war in conflict with Russia

Unknown Speaker 11:06
you’re at peace he’s threatening after my teaches kibou to channel two via the conflict Tracy conditioner.

Unknown Speaker 11:13
Of course NATO and Russia. potentials are incomparable

Unknown Speaker 11:18
and they should put themselves at the newly organisasi nati pricing is pristine.

Unknown Speaker 11:24
We understand it but we also understand that Russia is one of the leading nuclear states companion to show modern components. It even outperforms many

Unknown Speaker 11:35
me on this video to be detailing you booted

Unknown Speaker 11:39
there will be no winners.

Unknown Speaker 11:40
You look at resist

Unknown Speaker 11:42
because they’re backing up 10 seconds. So just threatened to use their hypersonic cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. And of course the United States has even stuff more advanced than secret but the point is, is that it doesn’t matter its nuclear weapons. And they’ve got Russian suicide soldiers with suitcase nukes already in Europe all over the place. Doesn’t matter if space based system shoot down the Russian ballistic missiles or submarine launch missiles that doesn’t matter. The nukes are all over the place. Make no mistake, make no mistake and the United States has suicide trips as well all over the place. So this is not a good situation and they’re collectively bringing us all towards suicide let’s go back to Putin

Unknown Speaker 12:28
definitely has Vidushi here but

Unknown Speaker 12:30
also understand and buy some modern components it even outperforms many of them

Unknown Speaker 12:37
believe me on this too there’s a lot you could be detailing you booted

Unknown Speaker 12:41
there will be no winners you look at resist and you will be pulled into this conflict against your will

Unknown Speaker 12:47
by needlessly evil we will speak to you

Unknown Speaker 12:52
we won’t even have time to blink your eye when you execute Article Five collective defensive NATO members

Unknown Speaker 12:58
go WTF only punk is going to go over is bugging the presenter

Unknown Speaker 13:03
mr. president McCrone of course doesn’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 13:13
let him score the goal I’m just bugging the presenter Kenya knew who she was at and you hurt you

Unknown Speaker 13:19
and I don’t want it which is why he is here touring with me for six straight hours

Unknown Speaker 13:28
he can you catch you up I don’t know what it’s a motion to switch so

Unknown Speaker 13:35
it’s a torturing me for six straight hours trying to get into not going to war. So there you have it. Let’s go ahead since I ran through that and read through it which was a little bit halting. Let’s let’s play it unedited. Just so it’s on record.

Unknown Speaker 13:53
Nicotra shoot us with the picture. You know, wishing to wish to believe in your solution initiative cancer cancer in Venice later this week to turtle is really possible to internet openly My feeling is lucra in a booth Renata vion put Yanbu it was Russia to claim your IP scheme skis running after my teaches kibou Tanoto via the complete racy conditioner, natural pattern cell or the newly organisasi knotty Rajini SpaceTeam my mother’s Australasia nice Vidushi here your final kind of companion passivity Mianus to be ditalini Buddha. You are Christian with innovative Catholic My name is Viola Newspeak Gaza Mark Nautica booties only punctuate remember the girl is buggin presenter Kenya knew who she was it velocity and he can catch you by a Python listener who did say he muted me ostrich so

Unknown Speaker 14:59
shut up couldn’t look cocky when he gets up there. No, he just comes up matter of fact, like he’s somebody in front of a firing squad, and says, you’ve already started a war in Ukraine, you’ve already moved your trips in, you’re already bringing in heavy weapons. And if you accelerate your attacks on eastern Russia, I mean, on eastern Ukraine, we’re going to move military against that. And when in the blink of an eye, Europe’s going to be dragged into a nuclear war. Now, what that tell you back in October, to show you who is behind this, the globalist that high level sources in the Pentagon and at the highest levels of industry said that they have been told by late January through February is the battle plan time when they believe war is going to start because NATO is going to openly accelerate the conflict and expand into Ukraine. And I said that back then, and here you are. And these are high level folks who don’t like what’s happening, because they’d rather have businesses and, you know, build a future and have families, for the globalist it’s all about world domination. So that’s where we are in 2022 on February 8.

Unknown Speaker 16:30
And the globalist propagandists have set it up, where if they continue to attack the Russians, and the Russians show footage of how they’re being attacked. And as the campaign’s escalate, then they will say, Oh, it’s a fake movie. Oh, Russia attacks itself, that tells you all you need to know now, Joel Skousen is a really good geopolitical analyst. And he has his own views of Russia. And a lot of what he has said has turned out to be true. I remember going on my show 20 years ago, predicting that by around this time, in the early 2020s, in the mid 2020s, we would see the West pushing China and Russia into war. And now you see that happening. You see Xi Jinping and Putin being brought together. Show this isn’t about who side you’re on, folks. It’s about not wanting to have a nuclear war. And you just saw the President of the second largest nuclear power in the world threatened nuclear war into the world alert. End of civilization as we know it alert. Vladimir Putin officially threatens to use nuclear weapons against Europe. If NATO continues takeover of Ukraine. And official press conference, Putin threw down the gauntlet, or in the west of NATO invokes Article Five, and absorbs Ukraine into NATO. within a blink of an eye, he said the West will see a massive military response. Then he says NATO has the force to crush Russia with conventional weapons and he will use nuclear weapons, and then he will strike Western Europe. Now, let me break down the timetable on this if this starts when the Russians get overwhelmed by the NATO forces arrayed against them and all that heavy weapons and high tech weapons. Putin is saying that they’re going to use tactical nuclear weapons in theater against those forces. That will happen within about 10 minutes. At that point, the orders will go out. And cruise missiles all over Europe, hypersonic will be fired at Russian military bases. Once the Russians make the decision to use tacticals, they’ll have all their submarine surfacing, their cruise missiles ready their ICBM is ready. And the minute they detect with their radar and satellites, Western missile launches, they will have a total commitment release of their weapons, their submarines will come up off our coast, they will vaporize Manhattan, Los Angeles, all of the Russian cities will be vaporized as well. Western Europe will be vaporized where I live in Austin, Texas, will have MERV tip missiles open coming back into the atmosphere, watching dozens of warheads, military targets all over Central Texas. Most of us will just get knocked down and maybe the roof caved in on you. But when you come outside, you’ll be breathing all that delicious radiation. And of course the power won’t be coming back on for years if you’re lucky. Show. That’s where we are and we’re an evil decadent satanic society. And I guess it’s time to die. I mean, really. And that’s the level of brinksmanship that’s going on right now. Showing the time it takes you to load your children in the car and drive to the school five miles away. And then drive your work 15 minutes away, and then go walk into your office and sit down at your computer in 25 minutes, the world as we know it will be over once this starts. We won’t hear about it for 510 minutes. If I was live on air when I went down, I would not have time to get in my car and go get my four year old daughter. Before the mushroom clouds start before the shockwaves hit before the air burst.

Unknown Speaker 20:29
hydrogen bombs detonated 2000 feet in the air. And there goes your Netflix. And you ask why does this happen? Because the type of psych psychotics that get in control over history.

Unknown Speaker 20:47
Want global domination? Ladies and gentlemen? Yeah, what do you think all those destroyers and missile cruisers are doing driving around in the Atlantic Ocean in the Mediterranean and then North Sea and all the rest of it. They’re all carrying nuclear weapons, they’re all carrying cruise missiles,

Unknown Speaker 21:08
the fly along at 50 feet above the waterline and then detonate above their targets. And that’s where we are. We’re on Russia’s doorstep, the last start of the proxy war there.

Unknown Speaker 21:27
And if the Russians were pure communist and Satanists like Hollywood was, again, back when the Hollywood type crowd ran Russia, then I would be saying, Oh, well, nuclear war some I don’t want to have but you know, the Russians are a threat. But we’re in a greater threat of war Russia today because it’s more of a Christian nation and breaking with the globalist power structure. And so that’s why Hollywood and the left hate Russia so much, because for 80 plus years, they could do whatever they wanted to Russia was their little playground, and the left all the wealthy leftist from the Clintons to Bernie Sanders. They all went to Russia for their honeymoons and visits, where they could go see a land where atheism and Satanism reign, and where the people could be dominated by a horrible evil, mega state. But now, because Putin doesn’t follow their orders, they are so upset because he stands in the way of their New World Order. And just to Joel Skousen said on my show, 20 years ago, that the West would provoke and start fights with China and Russia in the future. And would feign weakness here to trick China and Russia into a joint nuclear strike on the west, which is meant to knock out the original political system. And out of that comes a fascist system in the West, which will then have a war with Russia and China, which will be one and then you’ll have your worldwide New World Order system in place via that conflict. And I’m retelling Skousen Well, the Chinese are on the Global Payroll, I mean, they’re being built up. He’s like, Well, they’re gonna double cross him sometime by 2023 2024 2025 is when I project this will happen. That he is a real researcher, and a real historian, of course, a Marine Corps officer and naval aviator, smart guy, and I said, man, we got to get him on today. And he’s not a Russophile he doesn’t like Putin. He calls it a Predator State. He doesn’t like Gigi ping. Neither do I but Gigi ping is saying we’re not going to cut our son’s penises off. Like the kids are taught in school here. He says we’re not gonna have sushi men on TV. We’re not gonna we’re not gonna have abortions anymore. We’re gonna pay people to have kids same thing pugs doing. So I judge a tree by its fruits. They understand that they want to have big powerful systems that are dominant, and you don’t do that with what America is doing. So the globalists are attacking us they’re attacking the Russians, they’re attacking the Chinese. They’re attacking everybody. So we’re gonna come back and I’m gonna shift gears and all of the other huge news but this is a big, big, big deal. Separately I went to the grocery store yesterday and it was almost empty. of orange juice and of milk and butter and of lettuce and just everything and Texas has a breadbasket compared to other parts of the country. Texas like California, we have massive system we have tropical areas down on the border. I mean, we have it all. third largest producer in the US of citrus is the south Texas. And the fact that the store shelves look like a hurricane is yours about to hit and people clean them off, tells you something in the northeast, it’s it’s on the local news. They’ve been basically bare for months and months. And it’s because farmers and people can’t produce with the COVID shutdowns and lockdowns and supply chains are broken down. And so everybody thinks it’s fun to Slack and find it not go to work and fun to just kind of scan around all day and talk, even if you do go to work. That’s how civilization collapses. That’s what happened in Venezuela and Cuba. Because the communist take everything you produce. So why should you produce so people stop producing well with the globalist they just don’t let you produce. And they also devalue your currency show that people that run businesses that supply the supply chain, they can’t make ends meet anymore. Because if you raise the prices, people can’t pay for it. But then you can’t get the money to run your operation. So we’re going into a depression, we’re going into an economic collapse, we’re going into hyperinflation, we’re going into war, we’re going into cyber attacks, we’re going into stage terror attacks, we’re going into hell. So just get ready and get right with Jesus.

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