YouTube Deplatforms Shows of Scott Ritter, Prominent Critic of US Activities in Ukraine War

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Scott Ritter has been a go-to source for information about what has really been happening in the Ukraine War, instead of the spin from the big money media and United States government officials. He has also been a very vocal critic of US government support for the Ukraine government throughout the war.

Thus, it is sadly not a surprise that on Friday Google-owned YouTube deplatformed two shows through which Ritter has been sharing his views. YouTube is no friend of people who challenge US foreign intervention.

Ritter commented on YouTube’s deplatforming of the shows in a Friday Twitter post, stating:
When it rains, it pours. The same day that YouTube deplatformed “The Scott Ritter Show”, they deplatformed “Ask The Inspector.” This is a targeted effort by YouTube to remove/minimize my voice, and those of my guests and the people who took the time to ask probing questions about the pressing issues of the day. Those who are behind this should know—you won’t succeed. There is a vast social media world out there beyond YouTube. And for those voices who still use YouTube as the primary vector to your audience, understand this—conform or perish. If you’re doing a geopolitical show, and you’re still platformed by YouTube, ask yourself why. And be willing to live with the answer. More on this later.
Just short of a year has passed since the first of Ritter’s shows began airing at YouTube.

Concerns about censorship have helped lead some popular communicators to move their primary means of distributing their video messages away from YouTube. For example, Russell Brand and the Ron Paul Institute’s own Ron Paul have moved their shows’ primary distribution from YouTube to Rumble.

Episodes of Ask the Inspector featuring Ritter can be found at Rumble here.

Hopefully, YouTube’s censorship is just a bump in the road and soon Ritter can be sharing his ideas as well as or even better than before.

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