Will the Dems use the Vaccine to Destroy Trump?

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On May 15, 2020, Trump launched “Operation Warp Speed” which was the “Fast Track” development of a Covid 19 Vaccines or as it turned out 3 of them. When He did this I believe He did what he thought was right based on the information his “Advisers” were giving him. This was compounded by the fact Big Pharma convinced him it could be done. I believe he did this with the best of intentions and expected a positive outcome.

Now Fast Forward to 2022. Mounting evidence is surfacing that the Covid Vaccines are Dangerous both in terms of short-term and long-term side effects. A multitude of Doctors is coming forward to warn people of the dangers. Even the creator of mRNA Technology Dr. Robert Malone has come forward to warn the masses.

The Inventer of Covid Vaccine mRNA Tech Exposes Vaccine Truth!

Some of the most prominent names in medicine have also come forward such as Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr, Joseph Mercola, and many more.

Dr. Peter McCullough Live with Alex Jones to Expose Vaccines!

Despite this new information. Trump still supports the Vaccine. The reason why eludes us but there are many speculations. Some think He is playing some sort of “3d Chess” and this is part of a larger plan to get re-elected. Some think He is in bed with big pharma. Some think his ego can’t handle the fact He made a mistake.

And the list goes on as his supporters speculate and he continues to lose support. Although Supporters are firmly loyal because He believes in Vaccine choice and they like his other policies, many are giving up on him looking to DeSantis and others in 2024.

And Now the prediction. Author and Publisher Mike Adams weighs in on his thoughts on Trump’s possible future. In a recent Situation Report Published on Brighteon titled “They will FLIP the VACCINE SCRIPT in 2022 to blame Trump for vaccine deaths” Mike predicts the possibility and I agree with him on this, that in the near future so much Vaccine evidence will mount that MSM and Biden will have to admit that the Vaccine is Dangerous.

When this happens the “Flip” will occur. All who supported the Jab will now do a 180 and hate it. And here is the corker. They will blame Trump for how bad it is. Claiming by rushing the Jab He made it Dangerous. And they will use this to destroy Him politically. Here is Mikes Report:

They will FLIP the VACCINE SCRIPT in 2022 to blame Trump for vaccine deaths Here is Mike’s Report:

Trump has been warned about this by Myself, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, and many people who know him.

I think this Guy Might be our last chance to reach Him. I pray He listens.

Here is the Corresponding Web Page: https://www.realnewschannel.com/trump-to-get-a-vaccine-intervention-from-a-conservative-leader/

But for whatever reason, he has Doubled Down on supporting the Jab. I think the Dems or maybe China or both planned on this. I believe and this is only a theory and opinion, that Covids creation had multiple purposes.

1. An excuse to create the Death Jab. And use the “Emergency” to trick Trump into helping to Create the Jab. And then when Dangers of it come out use it to destroy him politically.

2. A means to an end to create an “emergency” so bad that only “Big Pharma” and “big Government could save Us. Giving them an excuse to grab more and more power over us. In addition they would use Economic fallout caused by Shutdowns and Covid “panic” that it would decimate the US economy, the US military via the Mandatory Jab, and US workforce also via the Jab. All to break us and our nation so we would be ripe for taking over by a “NEW WORLD ORDER”!

Despite all this, I still believe in Trump. Yes, He made mistakes but he is still our best way back from collapse. And he does believe in Vaccine Choice which would save us from the mandates. And I still think He is a Good Man. Proud and Stubborn but still Good. After all, we all make mistakes. One thing has become clear to me. If Trump fails and the Dems take him down. It will be up to us and only us to determine America’s and yes the World’s Future. Because where America leads the World follows.