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In this Report Candidate for Wisconsin Governor Jonathan Wickman Tells it like it is and Spells out the many Changes and issues that face both Wisconsin and our Nation and how He will address them. Wisconsin can not survive 6 more Years of Tony Evers. And his Republican opponent Rebecca Kleefisch has what I would consider Vague and Unspecific stances on Wisconsin’s most important issues. I know not everyone likes to sit through a video, so I have provided a transcript of the video you can browse through if you are pressed for time.

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“Hey everyone, Jonathan Hickman here title, this podcast is Wickman tells all there’s a lot I want to unpack in this podcast. We’re gonna go through everything we’ve been doing behind the scenes. A lot of news events that have happened recently. I’m sure everyone’s been following has been posting on social media. So we’re going to get into I want to start with a few things. So I’ve been traveling around the state, as everyone knows, been speaking at Lincoln Reagan dinners and at these GOP, you know, funded Reagan dinners, right. Typically, we have Rebecca Kleefisch and other candidates, Lieutenant Governor candidate, so a lot of people are speaking but what was interesting the other night, and this is a trend now that I’m starting to see coming out of the top levels of the GOP establishment coming out of Paul farro, the Wisconsin State chair, as well.

County chairs, certain county chairs, many assembly reps that are part of the establishment. And of course, Rebecca Kleefisch, is it this new mantra of unity, you’re gonna listen closely? That’s going to start you’re gonna hear them, we need to be united, right? Unity, all this stuff? Well, what’s interesting, though, is my question is, who are we trying to unite under? Okay? Robin Voss. Right, Paul, they’re, they’re very vague. And really what the narrative that they’re trying to push out there to Republican conservatives, people in the party is basically it’s our way or the highway, okay. And it’s a nice way of saying that you all need to unite under us and our chosen one, which is Rebecca, or get the heck out of the party. That’s really what it comes down to. And this is, this is their last desperate attempt to try to control right? What’s happening, because the reality is Rebecca Kleefisch, his campaign is dying, and they know it. And that’s why they had to come out with that, you know, ridiculous internal poll, which we have no idea who they sampled probably was just all their friends, you know, 800 people, deep establishment voters, and they’re trying to claim you know, I only have one or 5% of the vote. That’s kind of funny, because every time I do a call to action, whether it’s you know, to to Madison or wherever the phone lines, emails, everything just gets flooded. You know, Robin Vos is absolutely getting angry when we saw him lose control and a press release. And I want to get into that a little bit later here as well. But yeah, this this, this narrative of unity, okay, guys, listen, and I said this before, if any one of these candidates All right, back in 2020, let’s just say Rebecca, for example, had in 2020. She come out and you know, fought and all the issues that I fought for, right

Was right there protesting the lockdowns with everyone had she’d been to school board me and say we cannot have this permanent masking of our children has to be optional. Had she said, you know, this rush experimental shot is not good that we can’t tie it to people’s employment, right. She’s been fighting really, really hard for medical freedom. Has she been warning about the economic impacts? Like I have all these different things? Right. Well, you know, in an in a genuine manner, I would be like, Okay, great. We have we have a champion here. We have someone to support. You know, there’s no need for me to get involved in the race. But that was not the case. Everyone knows that was not the case. Actually, so many Republicans were nowhere to be found on these issues. And even the conservative radio pundits, everyone was their thumbs were twiddle in their heads were spinning. They didn’t know what just happened to them in 2020. You know, though the world shut down, right? We have all these draconian tyrannical mandates coming on. We have the economy imploding like everything was just melting down. And no one knew the reason why. And I was the voice of reason.

You know, during that time, explaining through podcasts, showing the financial picture showing how it’s all tied together, you know, what the global reset entailed, you know, why it’s a Marxist agenda slash communist agenda. But why these policies and countries become more tyrannical as the financials begin to basically get worse and worse and worse, and it’s uncontrollable, right? The government has to tighten their noose around the necks of the people. So that’s where I came to play. And I did the work. People know this. People have seen me. I’ve been all throughout the state early on, I was everywhere I was in the healthcare rally speaking, you know, rallying the troops, I was preaching peaceful non compliance. I walked into woman’s all the time without a mask. You know, I had little conversations there. I never wore the mask once I went to school board meetings on behalf of parents, you know, still trying to get these mask off children. It’s a never ending story. Okay. And I said, you know, this this shot is not good. I do not believe that COVID-19 shot is good for you. Okay, I don’t believe that really, as I’m looking through the data, you know, maybe a small subgroup of people very you know, elderly immune compromised only Okay, the Gamble’s worth it before our children are healthy you know, young hotels all these people to be taking it needlessly, I’m seeing more damage than good. And I’ve been the only one to come out you know, as a as a quote politician or governor candidate on record to say this and I know no long term, I’m going to be proven correct. And I’m going to be proven correct to fighting for not just medical freedom, but fighting to save lives. I am the most pro life candidate cuz I’m trying to save lives right now, right, as well as the unborn. And we’ll get into a little later. So that’s the first thing. So be listening for unity.

Next now, we’ll get into everything that went down with Timothy random, you know, Justin Schmucker, from Badger State resistance, and I did a Facebook Live. And we did make national news and Newsweek and all these different articles, when we called out Robin Vos, and we call for him to resign due to the stunt that he pulled on representative

Timothy random, okay, and removing his staffer, so stripping him from his support base to be able to function and do his job as a representative. Now, what I find interesting about Robin Vos is he can posture up on this he can push his manhood around on this right and, and strip Timothy rant the most ever, that something that Timothy is doing. He’s investigating the 2020 election, that a huge portion of the population of Wisconsin want him to do that it is the number one priority, the number one topic I get all the time. Well, Jonathan, what about our election? How do we know 2022 is going to be secure? Right? It’s a very big question mark, in the minds of citizens. And some of the random was truly the only one that was actually trying to get to the bottom of this. No support pretty much anywhere else. Now, Justice Myka from Badger State resistance, and I have circled around him and done everything we can to support him and to put as much pressure and you know, and put some some jabs out there on the establishment and Robin Vos. And honestly, just a few days ago, it worked. It worked. We had a breakthrough because we really got to, we got to see everything unfold and exposed for what it was. And this is what I’ve been preaching for over a year and a half is what Justin’s been talking about for over a year. This is what we’re up against. Okay. At the top tier levels. Listen, I’m not talking about the Republican Party necessarily as a whole the good voters a good conservatives, right. You guys are great. It’s the top controlling part. The people that are the puppet masters up in the very top right the chairs in the the state chair, you know Robin Voss all these key players within this party that have their grimy little hands, you know, on who’s going to be able to get to speak or who’s going to get pushed, how are we going to manipulate the nomination for our person is to selected not elected mentality.

And it’s funny that Dan O’Donnell should borrow that phrase because myself and Justin were the ones that coined that phrase, selected not elected, am I getting to Dan a little bit later here as well, by finding interesting Robin fosse would push Timothy around in this manner, but he was nowhere to be found pushing back on Tony Evers during the lockdowns, nowhere to be found on the recall. I guess a tyrant Tony Evers is tired, operating illegally and unconstitutionally letting the the Department of Health Service run wild with those endless emergency orders over and over and over again. Nor was to be ignored. Robin Vos was doing. Robin Vos was doing a public service and announcement with a Democrat saying wear your mask, wear your mask and things will get back to normal. Another thing that was interesting too, as part of this whole machine is then Scott Walker, Scott Walker came out and did a public service that with Jim Doyle, to get the COVID-19 jab. Just get your shot. Real quick, I Sorry, I’m on a bit of a rant and tirade here because I’m so very upset at all this and it’s just so hypocritical. Okay, what’s interesting is they will say trust the size right? Can one person Okay Can Scott Walker can any anyone who took the jab, right? Can you tell me one ingredient that’s in the shot you took? And can you tell me what that will do inside your body? And I’m willing to bet the answer is no. They have no idea what’s in the shot. They have no idea what it’s going to do to their body long term, yet they are just casually spouting off on a on a on a statewide national platform that everyone should just get this Pfizer and Maderna shot. Okay. There’s something criminal about this. There’s something extremely evil about this, the very root of it, and that’s what really gets me mad.

So Robin Vos can can do this to me, they ramped them, but he can’t fight on the most important issues. And then of course, you have Shay sort well, they’re in the background smirking. Right. And so you can see his true colors. He’s a chameleon, see, they all are chameleons. They only care about these these main topics and these main point issues when it’s real election time. And the real answer we’re gonna get to this to the real answers to primary every single one of them with strong candidates, man or woman, right strong candidates that are willing to take on these people.

Okay, so um, so yeah, we have Timothy’s back. You know, we everything we did obviously blew up my national news but Robin Vos in that press conference. I really would love to know that that journalist who did the follow up question and and said, you know, well, what about Jonathan Wakeman? Because Robin boss said, you know, well, who who’s questioning you know what we did? Here it is. Well Jonathan Wickman he goes because Robin boasting he’s doing a pretty good job he said it right there live I think we’re doing pretty good job and people appreciate what we’re doing. No Robin boss, we actually don’t appreciate what you’re doing and you’re doing a horrible job all of you and all of your cronies all of your your posse gang they’re okay. But so this journalist said well what about John the weapon? And of course that’s when Shay star will smirks and that’s when Robin boss tries to think of a lie off the top of his head. So Robin and boss, you know tries to reference my Facebook video and you can get it right to Facebook page and tries to marginalize you know me as well. But he just lied and said, You know that I said something that I absolutely didn’t about the the three branches of government, which is a complete joke. When he said me apparently in Boston, he doesn’t understand the Constitution either. Because, you know, he’s pushing for, you know, the, the voting in the park and, and ballot boxes, and you know, all these different things, right? So he doesn’t want to follow the Constitution. But he has a nerve to put that on me. So then he goes to say, oh, yeah, Mr. Whitman, and 1%. You know, try to put that 1% That’s all the vote I have. Guys, listen to me. I’m a realistic person, right? If after 18, almost 19 months of campaigning, and I really believe that only had 1% or even 5% of the vote, going into the primary. Listen, I wouldn’t be wasting my time. Right. I have other things I could be doing, you know, focus on other things, spending time with family and friends. But no, I know, I’m actually in the lead. We’re in the lead for the primary. And all the actions coming out of the the Republican you know, establishment is giving me all the clues and signs that I need, that they are scared to death, that we are actually going to win this primary.

So that is recapping on that portion. If I do get on the show with regular Joe here later this week, I’m sure we’ll get into that further. But you know, once again, Robin vol Robin Vos blatantly lying about me. And then they feel like they can get away with it without impunity, right? It’s just Oh, we’re just gonna spew out lies. And just because we have the platform, people are gonna believe it. No, no, not so much there. Robin Vos, we checked you. And we called you out on that. Okay, next, behind the scenes, we do have,
I have an open records request to the city were seen. And what we want to look at what we’re looking for, as I requested all communication between Mayor Cory Mason and speaker Robin Vos from October 3 2020 to November 3 2020. I also want all communications from October 1 2021 To present date, that means emails, phone records, physical mail, social media, etc. We’re looking for something particular in there. But that was filed. Just to give you a clue that was filed December 28. You know, we’re already here, January 25. So still no response back on that. I don’t know if we’ll ever get a response back or how long that will take. But we do have an open records request there because we have to get to the bottom of a few things.

Okay, next thing. In larger banking, larger bank is making the news, you know, for a variety different reasons. But what I really want to clarify is, people remember the medical freedom bill that I put out there, okay, Elijah banky, was a representative that initially agreed to to take this bill text that I wrote, and try to run it through the system and get it going. Because it’s the only one that had real teeth. Remember, we talked about the $100,000? Fine, right? On corporations that are trying to mandate this experimental shot on to their employees. And the reason why, and the reason why I’ve been preaching this from day one, but really tried to actually do something tangible about tangible about it, as a candidate through a representative is because I understand how critical our supply chain is, we are really seeing a heavy strain on it. We are seeing gaps, we are seeing delays in everything, right, whatever you’re ordering, whatever service you’re trying to have done, there’s always delay. And it’s always been COVID-19 has been the excuse. And now we have some truck drivers on that cross the border up in Canada, in United States that are basically saying they’re protesting, they’re protesting the fact that they have to get the shot or they can’t drive their truck.

And that’s going to create some chaos that goes on long term, you know, with more supply chain issues, higher prices. I mean, it is a mess right now, right? And this is really what I’m trying to tell people. There’s so much that’s happening. And we’re being attacked from all different sides, that we don’t have a clear, decisive battle plan because we’re in a war right now. Literally, we’re in a war if we don’t have a clear, decisive battle plan, with the right vision and the right execution with the right players and patriots all in one accord. Okay, we’re gonna suffer, we’re not gonna, we’re not going to make this out on the other side unscathed. We’re going to have to take we’re gonna take our beatings, right. But it can be much worse or much better, depending on the type of leadership that we have. And this is the type of vision and leadership that I’m trying to put forth and present to the people. It’s resonating with people. People agree with me. The establishment candidates are faltering. They’re declining, and the radio pundits can’t prop him up. anymore it’s just not working right so Elijah banging initially took on the bill tax. I’ve read that before there’s other videos you can see where I go into detail on what exactly that text said. But the moment the moment Rebecca Kleefisch you know her about this and once you Robin Vos and the Robin Vos basically twisted Eliza bankies arm and he killed it and Elijah banky not being you know, having much of a spine to fight there for it. He just capitulated and rolled over. Okay, so it’s very disappointing because we had an opportunity, Elijah Banga had an opportunity to really be for the people be a true patriot fight against the system. But sadly, Elijah rolled over to the system. And I think there’s going to be a big price to pay coming up in his reelection for doing stuff.

Speaker Robin Vos Killed My Medical Freedom Bill that Protects Your Job

Okay, over to on the radio pundants. Donald Donald, I want to make it very clear. And I said this before, but for people coming in who are new to listening here, early on early on in the campaign. Okay. Listen, anyone who meets me and hears me speak, right? I am a very nice guy. Like, I’m not, I am not necessarily how I say it. I’m not trying to I’m not in your face. Like what Donald Dallas, right? I know. I know. etiquettes I understand. Right? I understand these things. So early on, you know, I knew how to how to do my time I had to put in the work. And I did. But as things were unfolding, and I saw that, you know, radio talk hosts like Donald Donald and Vicki McKenna, they they weren’t they were not on point, right. They weren’t talking on point in the most critical issues. And they weren’t saying the right things, the right thing. They weren’t telling people to peaceful, peacefully non comply with the mass manners, they weren’t telling people to peacefully reject the shot, okay. They were talking about other things. And I was so frustrated because this was the most in your face, crucial battle that we all had a fight where people are losing small businesses, people are losing their jobs and careers. Right. And it was just a very high to say a very conservative weak stance that these radio you know, people were taking. And so during that time, I had I had you know, nicely reached out to Donald Donald say, hey, you know, I see you’re talking about this topic.

So you’re not talking about mass mandates, you know, hey, I was at the school board meetings. Here’s what I’m what I’m learning here’s what I’m seeing you know, when I’m testifying I love to come on and talk about it right it was that style and approach okay not just him a big McKenna back in the day regular Joe as well even reached out to mark belly okay. And no word back never heard back okay. And so my support is growing my Facebook you know numbers are growing and people also are noticing this because the people that follow me on Facebook for my campaign are the people that are also they also listen to Donald Donald they can McKenna regular Joe so they are also listening to these these talk radio tacos. Okay. And so they know I’m running for governor they know the work I’ve been doing yet they’re seeing absolutely no recognition not even a name mentioned for a long time, you know, by the by the shows, and they’re frustrated. They’re they’re equally as frustrated. So they on their own accord are reaching out to people like Donald Donald saying hey, have John the women are here you know, talk about John Irwin, right? No, no, no, no, no. Okay. So finally all came to a head it came to a head with everything went down and Robin Vos because Donald Donald was losing his mind. Robin fosse would give credibility to someone like myself, and then he proceeds to lie about me on air. So I watched his video on his Facebook, right? And he proceeds to lie about me. He said that Jonathan Wickman was nowhere to be found.

I never saw him, you know, during the lockdown never saw him fighting for the lockdowns. And again, there’s a few separation here. I am a candidate. So it’s not like I’m in office. Okay. So there’s only so much I can do but everything that I had in my power with, with the the platform that I had, right from going to the rallies and speaking the truth, I did it. I did it 100% I did it. And for Donald Donald and Robin Vos to just flat out lie like that and put it out there into the atmosphere right to people to hear is absolutely wrong. So if you’re going to flat out lie about me, then I’m going to correct the record. And that’s what I did. I did rebuttal video to Daniel Dallas and no, you’re actually flat outline. I was here with the people. I was I was preaching peaceful non compliance.
I myself practice this. Okay, now once I wear a facemask, I do not okay, I’m not I do not take the experimental jab. Right. And I’m standing for the Constitution. And all this is a violation of a Fourth Amendment’s right. And here is all to say during that time. Kyle Utes from recipes of freedom did amazing, great work, getting deep into the lock, trying to give people tools to battle this because here’s why. I thought for sure during the lockdown that lawyers were going to come out of the woodwork and just sue like crazy because I’m like, How is this not a complete violation of civil rights? How are you not seeing that they are violating the Fourth Amendment. I thought lawsuits were gone up be flying, not a peep, not a peep. And when I reached out to lawyers myself, they didn’t want to touch any of this. Okay, so it was people like I’ll use that came said, Hey, we ain’t people, we have to do this on our own. We had to figure this out. We have to equip ourselves with the law and know how to fight back and in a peaceful way. So that’s what we did. Okay. And and that’s on record, many patriot groups, many, you know, many conferences and rallies we I spoke at, we did this, and people appreciate this. So for Donald Donald to come out and just flat out lie, shows me show you that he is an establishment mouthpiece. He is in the same bed with Robin Voss and Rebecca Kleefisch. Don’t do not be fooled, okay. And they’re all out there trying to protect what they have, because that’s how they eat. Right? There’s advertising dollars. And listen, Dan, you’re going to lose audience, you’re going to lose revenue, ad revenue, same thing with other people, right? Because the people are done with it. They want the truth. They want results. We’re running out of time.

Economy Is Crashing Be Prepared

That’s what I’m trying to tell people. We are running out of time, there is a major economic storm brewing and in place, it’s already moving. We see the inflation. I’m gonna get into that here. Let’s I told you, there’s a lot to unpack in this podcast, but hang in there with me. I do believe it’s gonna be one of my best podcasts. So that’s all I had to say on down dental I responded to it. And that’s it. I’ll leave it there. Okay. But if you’re going to straight up lie about me, then yes, I’m gonna check you and I have every right to do so.

Okay, next, the people of Wisconsin should have a vote of no confidence in any candidate. All right out there who was not involved in our most important battles from 2020 all the way up till now meaning fighting for election integrity and medical freedom. There is no way anyone can take Rebecca Kleefisch seriously understands for election integrity when she is on record saying that she believes But Joe Biden won. Okay, basically fair and square. Then she says we got cheap better than the Democrats. Okay, then she’s suing the WEC. And again, I like to know whose money she using to sue the WC for because I’ve seen mailers come through where she’s asking for donations. All right, that has been used for the lawsuit. So that’s something interesting to look into what money is being used to fund that loss? Anyone can? Sure I can sue, right? The WC if I use my donors money, I use other people’s money to do so that’s easy. Sure, let’s let’s raise some money. And we’ll do it right. But what she’s suing for. And again, she’s suing the same organization that her husband helped create. Now, that’s really that’s pretty interesting. Listen, I’m on record. And this, this is what we’re going to talk about probably on regular Joe, too.

Okay. There’s there’s this battle between, you know, what do we do with Wisconsin Election Commission? And what do we do with the Secretary of State? And and really, the question isn’t so much that the question is, who’s going to enforce our existing election laws? That’s the problem. We know that election laws were broken, but who’s going to enforce it and make the people pay for the consequences? If the WBC is above? You know, above at all? If there is no, no consequences whatsoever, then it doesn’t matter what you do. Okay. If you just ban them, and we go back to the Secretary of State? Well, the problem is dougla. Follow. It has been there forever. Forever. He’s been there. Even when we had a complete Republican administration. How does that work? We get a Republican governor, we have a Republican majority in the assembly and senate. And the only position that doesn’t turn red, that doesn’t turn Republican as a secretary of state. Now come on you. There has to be some sort of shadow votes going on there to keep a Democrat in the Secretary of State position with everything else went red. Do you see the suspicion? Do you see there’s smoke here?

There’s fire, we have to investigate what’s going on. So I am for returning the constitutional duties back to the Secretary of State for one specific reason, the buck stops with him or her, the buck stops with the Secretary State. Okay. If we do believe that election fraud happen, it all travels back to one person, one office, Secretary State, we have a few recourses, recall, have them resigned, right, and be done with it, or replace, replace, but all scrutiny all focus comes in on that office. Now, here’s the thing, though, returning back to the Secretary of State position will only happen under my administration, because Rebecca has made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with returning the power of the Secretary of State, Robin Vos has made it very clear, they don’t want anything to do with that, right? Only under John Doe. ministration would we make that return back to it? Whether that’s Justin Smith, okay. Or whoever in that role, Justin Smith, is, is great for that role in many roles. Honestly, Justice Myka is an amazing patriot and amazing political player. I think people really underestimate an estimate the influence that he’s has here in Wisconsin, so more and more to come on that but so yeah, so that’s my take on the role and what we listen fraud, there’s so many different angles, we know fraud happen. And my stance on this and always has been that if if you commit mortgage fraud or if you write a bad check, okay? Do you get to keep the house you get to keep the stolen goods because that’s what it is. Those goods are stolen. If you wrote a bad check, right? It doesn’t catch it bounces it back. Usually, if someone comes back to collect the goods you have. So why does a legitimate president get to keep the title of president?

If we know that fraud has happened, let’s just even talk about here in Wisconsin. Timothy, we haven’t done a great job to show, you know how many ballots are work, right? 10s of 1000s, if not close to 150,000 plus, right, we’re seeing here, that’s enough to move an election one way or another. So why should Wisconsin keep their 10 electoral votes out there? We need to decertify we need to pull it back. That’s the first step is again, people like all you’re never gonna replace, you know, Joe Biden, without Trump. It’s not necessarily about that. It’s about following the law and doing what’s right following the process. If no one’s following the process, then what’s the point of having a law? Do you see what I’m saying? This is this is the irrational, you know, mentality that’s out there, we have to get common sense back, we have to enforce the law across the board with no win no exceptions. I mean, look what’s going on in California, right? Criminals can basically take whatever they want up to $1,000. And they’re, they’re not prosecuted. They’re not chased after by the cops. It’s a freefall free for all over there. It’s insanity. Okay, this is all by design. No, I said this before, this is a controlled demolition of America and our Republic, and they have to do this, they have to get this kind of chaos going if they want to transform America into something that we all will not recognize. And to finish up on this topic with election integrity. Here we go. Again, the appeals court is allowing ballot by ballot dropboxes. Again, for the February primary. No, no, that needs to be stopped immediately. Because in my mind, that’s just gonna be a little trial run for the for the midterm here coming up on my election. Okay. All right. Lastly, lastly, I’m gonna be straight with you. And trust me, I have all the inside scoop on this. But sadly, and this was the goal of Robin Vos with the gable men, suppose it audit is really to to placate the base to run the clock out. Okay, that’s all it was to run the clock out to September, when then they can delete everything and all evidence related to the 2020 election.

So we have to support a bill and get a bill passed. Now again, I understand that Tony Evers will not sign it. But we still have to go through the process. But the process is this. We have to secure the evidence from the 2020 election to not to basically extend it another year, right, another year, where I get an office, we can investigate this and get to the bottom and prosecute the people that were responsible and involved. I actually think Robin Vos is scared to death of all this, because there’s ties coming back.

All right, that’s what I really believe. Okay, but here’s the real solution. How do we fix things in Madison? How do we fix things here in Wisconsin, I’m gonna be the only answer and ticket taker leader. But this is the truth as the only answer. The only answer is to do our best to primary every single freakin Rhino inside of Madison. It’s gonna take good people like yourself to stand up at all levels and run for office. I
know you probably don’t want to do it. I know it’s a burden. I know, it’s a lot of trouble. I know we’re in the in the public eye. But it’s going to take all of us saving Wisconsin together, right? To legitimately make a change.

I alone can do it just alone cannot do it. A few others, we need all of you. Okay, we talk about invigorating the base uniting the base. This is what we have to unite under this is the vision. This is the vision that has to be said and I’m telling you now, we have to move quickly. Because in conclusion, okay, I’m going to conclude with a financial picture recap. And I’ve said this from the very beginning. And there’s a lot here, the financial markets, everything has been financialized. All right up through Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve and the federal government, all money is consolidated and circulating between these entities. Okay. And what’s what’s what’s really critical is the $4 trillion that were created out of thin air during 2020. And these massive spending bills, right, and and the increase of deficit, the collapsing economy. What people don’t understand is that the unemployment rate in that arena is increasing every week. It’s not decreased. It’s increasing. So there’s a greater strain and burden there. But what’s happening is this is the Federal Reserve has itself backed into a corner where they can never raise interest rates. So the 10 year bonds will never be able to get above 2.4 2.5%. Without the stock market’s imploding. We’re already seeing the markets roll over here. But what’s even crazier is the Federal Reserve has a trading desk. And the Federal Reserve isn’t supposed to be able to do this, but the R is going directly into the market and buying the stocks because they cannot have they cannot have the stock market meltdown because the stock market is really like the last illusionary icon that people have to look at to to say all America America is doing fine. The economy is doing fine, right?

For some reason people look at the stock market as a gauge of how well the economy is doing. That’s that’s completely wrong. You should never do that because not accurate, but we have a consumer price index it okay CPI numbers right We have those, if you calculate them back in how the 1980s, we’re doing it, we’re at 15%, there is no signs of that going down is going to be double digits again this year and the next year because the Federal Reserve cannot raise interest rates higher than the rate of inflation. So they say, you know, oh, we’re gonna unwind, we’re gonna raise rates to 2.5. Listen, if the real rate of inflation is 15%, and they raise interest rates to let’s just say, even 3%. Right? So that means the real rate of inflation now is 12%. So 15 minus three, right is 12%. That’s still inflate. That’s aggressive inflation. Nothing’s happened. Paul Volcker pre pre 1980. Right to get ahead of it had to raise interest rates to 20%. Guys, 20%. That’s a heck of a lot less debt. We are a maximum debt load. We I haven’t taken a look. But last time I checked, I think debt to GDP was right around 125. One 30%. Right. So debt, over to our gross domestic product was 130%. And we are at 10. Year barely, you know, 1.8 1.2%. And the markets already getting shaky with interest rate there. So can you imagine if they had actually normalize interest rates to 567 percent, oh, Kiss Kiss, kiss goodbye, the auto market, say goodbye to the mortgage and homes CLDC home, a bubble collapses in there, say goodbye to the stock market, say Say Say hello to high unemployment as corporations lay off because they need to cut their overhead because their earnings are dropping. Do you see what we’re in? Okay.

And you can always always count on the government making the wrong decision during these times of crisis. And that’s why we have to protect the state of Wisconsin and our people, we have to hedge our state. That is my vision. That’s my policy. That’s my plan. And lastly, for those who say Jonna Whitman presents no solutions. Take another look, check. Again, I’ve done nothing but present solutions from day one, check my YouTube channel, go on the videos tab on my Facebook, click a few more times and twice or three times dig deep, go through it all listen closely to what I’m saying. I have presented the solutions, I have the solutions and a big one that we need to do. And we need to do as soon is we need to eliminate the Wisconsin income tax.

Sales Tax vs Income TAX

Alright, the state income tax has got to go, we got to go to a straight flat tax of 8%. I have a video explaining why. Please check that as well. It’s out there for you to look at. And that’s just one of many agenda items that I have. So I know I’ve gone a long, long enough here. But really, there’s a lot that’s happened in the past few weeks. A lot of things that are behind the scenes and most of you are not privy to. And I just wanted to unpack it all for everyone to understand what has happened. Why why we you know, we hit the hornet’s nest and all these these pundits and established people are up in arms and why they’re up in arms right and why they’re not coming out with that message of unity. And in the games, they’re going to try and pay play at the state convention. Here’s the thing. Whatever happens at the Republican state convention in may ultimately truly ignore it because the end focus is the primary Okay, that is the main focus of everyone. We are going all the way to the primary. The people will decide who they want for the Republican governor candidate and Lieutenant Governor candidate right all every other position, you will decide on August 9 of this year, not the Republican Party as a convention where that can be easily manipulated for for their their rental candidate. So with that, God bless hope you do well keep up the fight do not get discouraged. You have to get more emboldened. I’m going to say this Listen, listen, okay. Fear can either paralyze you or can motivate you. Alright, I use fear to motivate I know what’s coming. And that gives me the energy and motivation to try and fight with as much strength as I possibly can to do what is right because at the end of this at the end of the primary doesn’t matter what happens. I know I’ve laid it all down as best I possibly can humanly possible with the resources they’ve been given to me the the experience and the knowledge I’ve laid it all down there for the people of Wisconsin, I can walk away with a clear conscience and say I tried everything I could do to save my state and the good people in it. God bless. Take care” End of Transcript.

As you have likely realized by now, Johnathon Wichmann is the Best Choice for Wisconsin’s next Governor. But there is a catch. It’s up to us to put him there! Despite what Phony Balony MSM says, Wichmann CAN WIN! That is if we ignore the MSM and make it happen. So goto;


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