Warning To All Parents About The Trans Cult In Public Schools!

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Warning To All Parents About The Trans Cult In Public Schools! Next No matter what Biden’s gaslighting administration attempts to sell the public, we aren’t buying. That is largely in part due to the fact that no one can afford anything to begin with. The looming intrusion of the BRICS currency pulling the rug out from under the Dollar as the World Reserve Currency has been a slow moving leviathan. Add to that Biden’s rape of our oil reserves, trillion dollar spending packages, and hand outs to despots that he is compromised by and the U.S. economy faces a quick death as the introduction of CBDC’s unleashes the death blow. Next The Biden Administration at the behest of encroaching World Government is ramming through the Antisemitism Bill which will in essence police all dissenting views against Israel, including Biblical Gospel text. The Bill is weaponized to use the Federal Governments authorities and institutions to enforce the war on free speech. This Bill if it passes the Senate will set the stage for an expanding Orwellian nightmare controlled by AI where those who question authority are neutralized. Next When the COVID vaccines were first being distributed to the public, the vaccine inserts were intentionally left blank. Because they were never safe and effective. And for those who did their own research, they were discovered to be deadly. The Moderna patent for this mRNA technology stated that they contain self assembling lipid nanoparticle technology. And now that an estimated six hundred million doses have been administered to the US public, Bill Gates admits this. Next Alex Jones shows videos where Joe Biden has confessed to treason. Next J6 Prisoner Describes Horrifying Treatment In Federal Prison. And finally Dr. Robert Malone Exposes Globalist Plan To End Humanity!

Extended Report;

Flyover Conservatives reports;

Shocking Truths and Statistics: Will Gen Z Turn Back to God and Save America? – Isabel Brown; Here are 3+ [ N A T U R A L ] Tips to Stay Healthy – Dr. Troy Spurrill | FOC Show

Amber Smith is a former US Army OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter pilot and air mission commander in the 101st Airborne Division. She flew combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and later served as Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense. A highly sought-after lecturer, speaker, and commentator on military affairs, Smith is a frequent guest on radio and television, including Fox News and Newsmax, and has written for Forbes, the Washington Examiner, The Hill, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, The Federalist, TownHall.com, Aviation Weekly, and Real Clear Defense.

Urgent Warning to the Nation: The US Military is UNFIT to FIGHT – Amber Smith

World Alternative Media reports;

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent claims that the CIA and China are in an “infinite race” against each other for AI and other technology. While this is an interesting thought, they’re both the same entity. Shadow governments rule the land and the CIA and China are working TOGETHER to bring upon a technocratic order. An order to enslave all of humanity to “convenience” in a Great Reset. Klaus Schwab has said himself that China is the role model for the Great Reset. This is not shocking when you consider China’s “Zero Covid Policies” vs the “15 Minute Cities” being built throughout the UK, Europe and North America. Then there is social credit which was pushed forward in China ten years ago and is now alongside carbon credits and digital IDs being pushed in places like Canada and through financial institutions across the board. China was propped up by the United States in the first place. From Kissinger meeting with Mao to save China from starvation in the 1970s and creating a trade monopoly in their favor to the Trilateral Commission’s attempt to prop up China as a guinea pig state for global technocracy in the late 1970s thanks to the Rockefeller family and Zbigniew Brzezinski. The agenda cannot be more clear. The dollar will fall, Saudi Arabia has joined BRICS. The economic shift takes place simultaneously with the scripted World War 3 false flags. The food supply, grid and economy collapse, only to be replaced by a NEW food supply, grid and economy based on CBDCs with social and carbon credits forcing people into rations in 15 Minute Cities. So no, the CIA and China are not in an “infinite race.” They’re working together to enslave humanity to the “New World Order” that they’ve worked decades creating.

Either prepare for it or don’t. But it’s moving fast. It’s about time it’s taken seriously.

CIA WORKS WITH CHINA! – Why The West Is Committing Suicide For The Great Reset As Power Shifts East

The Breanna Morello Show reports;

Breanna Morello is a former Fox Corp, Newsmax, local news, MLB producer. She has also spent several years reporting on the issues that matter most. After Fox Corp threatened to put Breanna on unpaid leave for not getting the Covid jab, she left the corporate media world and made her way into independent journalism. Breanna’s goal is simple. She aims to be a truth seeker and amplify her findings through her new podcast.

EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE – Trump’s Gag Order, Biden’s Health Decline, Pro-Hamas Protests, J6 Ken Harrelson Released! – Breanna Morello

The New American Daily reports;

The World Health Organization is meeting later this month and plotting to hijack power from sovereign nations by using the lie that its actions serve “public health.” But unlike the days when the American public and Congress were wholly ignorant of the threat posed by international organizations, millions of Americans and all federal Republican senators oppose the WHO’s latest attempted power grab. TNA editorial members discuss the chasm between awareness and the ultimate goal of completely abolishing the WHO, the UN, and all other globalist organizations.

All GOP Senators Oppose WHO’s Tyrannical “Pandemic Treaty”

X22 Reports;

The people are now seeing the corrupt and the criminals. The more they do the worse it gets for them and the more they red pill the people. Trump caught them all, and it’s not just a saying. The [DS] worked with foreign dignitaries to overthrow the United States government. It has been proven in Georgia, and will be proven in many other states, the elections were rigged. This is not just another 4 year election, but a CROSSROADS in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim control over our gov’t.

Ep 3350b – [DS] Planned A “coup d’etat” With Foreign Dignitaries,Sting Operation, He Caught Them All

The New American reports;

“Nothing of substance has changed” in our elections since 2020, said Mark Finchem, a former Arizona State Representative who is apart of Kari Lake’s appeal to the Supreme Court to secure elections by going to paper ballots.
For elections to be secured said Finchem, who is running for the Arizona Senate, we have to get completely away from voting software and machines, strictly relying on paper ballots and hand counting.
Finchem sat down with Alex Newman, a senior editor for The New American, at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss strategy for how Americans can take back their country by securing their right to vote.

Kari Lake and Arizona State Rep. Are Appealing to SCOTUS to Get Paper Ballots

Redacted News reports;

Russia held it’s massive Victory Day celebrations today, marking the defeat of Nazi Germany, and Vladimir Putin was in attendance giving a speech about the future of Russia and told the West and NATO that they should study the history of world war 2… that you cannot defeat Russia with this kind of bullying and intimidation.

SHOCKING! Fmr. CIA Admits “They’re done with Zelensky” Assassination Plots Unfold | Redacted News

NNN reports;

Tonight on N3 Prime Time, we delve into the critical issues shaping our nation. Join Gary Franchi as he uncovers the alarming truths behind President Biden’s latest CNN blunder and its implications for America’s economy. We also spotlight Barron Trump’s emerging political role and what it means for the GOP’s future. The judicial battles facing former President Trump reveal troubling biases that could affect us all. Plus, discover Trump’s new embrace of cryptocurrency and how this could transform our financial landscape. In Congress, witness bipartisan resistance to radical proposals, showcasing unexpected unity. Tune in to “The Headlines You Can’t Afford to Miss!” for a thorough analysis of these pivotal moments in American politics and their impact on you.

LIVE! N3 PRIME TIME: Biden’s Blunder, Barron Rises, Trump’s Crypto Push

Health Ranger Reports;

BBN, May 9, 2024 – AstraZeneca suddenly withdraws its COVID vaccine…

FlashPoint reports;

FlashPoint: We’re In An Esther & Mordecai Moment! w/ Jenny Donnelly (5/7/24)

American Center for Law and Justice reports;

Logan Sekulow’s impassioned stance against living in fear while defending Israel’s right to exist underscores the importance of standing firm in the face of threats to fundamental principles of sovereignty and security. By advocating for Israel’s legitimacy without succumbing to intimidation, Logan Sekulow promotes resilience and determination in upholding the values many Americans hold so deeply.

We Will Not Live In Fear Logan Sekulow Declares Firm Stance With Israel




John 16:21

A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.



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