Voices for Peace Help Crack War Propaganda

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Over the last week, most United States Congress members have rushed out to proclaim to all their commitment to “stand with Israel,” many of them adding that they want the US to support the Israel government in doing whatever it decides to do in pursuing war in response to last week’s Hamas attack. And the early action by the Israel government indicates that what it seeks is, at minimum, decimation in Gaza.

Among Israelis, though, there is substantial opposition to the Israel government pursuing the all-out war path. Even among relatives of individuals killed and taken as hostages in the Hamas attack there are individuals who express sorrow in regard to the horror that Israel military action is causing and who support seeking peace.

In a series of thee Twitter posts, journalist Glenn Greenwald presented on Tuesday comments from three individuals — all with relatives either missing after or killed or taken as hostages in the Hamas attack — who dissent from indiscriminate cheering on of Israel pursing war. The perspective a quick listen to and read of the comments provides can help Americans see through the barrage of pro-war propaganda to which they have been subjected by American politicians and American media. See Greenwald’s posts here.

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