Trumps Indictment is about more than Russia-gate! This Last Indictment May Backfire!

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First Trump’s Indictment Applies More To The Russiagate Hoax Than 2020 Fraud. Next Political strategist and counselor-at-law Tyler Nixon joins Harrison Smith to discuss the many puzzle pieces of the recent Trump indictment and what he should do next. You can find Tyler on twitter @realtylernixon. Then From The Bowne Report; The mockingbird media is now using the term pizzagate as a verb. For example, in 2020 NBC News ran the article “Inside the campaign to ‘pizzagate’ Hunter Biden.” The article goes on to attempt to arrogantly debunk the boogeyman of far right Qanon conspiracies stemming from the alleged pictures on the Hunter Biden laptop of Hunter engaging in his twisted lifestyle with children. Fast forward to post Epstein death 2023 and those pictures are not only public record. They continue to be ignored by Biden’s corrupt DOJ. The mental toll of cognitive dissonance is crashing down.

Trumps Inditement is about more than Russiagate! This Last Inditement May Backfire!

Extended Report!:

The radical Left is waging war on life and our liberty. This is your moment to stand with us and join the fight through our Life & Liberty Drive.

We already told you the ACLJ is representing FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle, who bravely testified before Congress about Deep State corruption within the agency to target pro-lifers, even marking pro-lifers with threat tags like terrorists.
The ACLJ is now representing a second FBI whistleblower: FBI agent Marcus Allen. His only “crime” is questioning the radical Left’s narrative through the proper whistleblower channels
Agent Marcus Allen – a decorated Iraq War veteran – testified before Congress that the “FBI questioned my allegiance to the United States,” calling him “disloyal.” They stripped him of his pay and health insurance while banning him from other employment. This comes after he was voted the employee of the year in his field office in 2019. Sounds almost identical to the treatment that Special Agent O’Boyle received, doesn’t it?
O’Boyle experienced the unconstitutional wrath of the Deep State. Likely due to his willingness to tell the truth, Agent O’Boyle was suspended without pay for almost a year – and forbidden to find employment elsewhere.
He recently testified before Congress: “The FBI will crush you. This government will crush you and your family if you try to expose the truth about things that they are doing that are wrong. And we are all examples of that.” At the ACLJ, we won’t stand for the Deep State’s blatant attacks on brave Americans, and we are defending whistleblowers for unveiling corruption.
In our exclusive interview today, O’Boyle shared the pain that his family has suffered as a result of his decision to stand up for the truth. After the FBI suspended his pay, O’Boyle’s family was homeless for several weeks and lived in an RV. In fact, O’Boyle admitted that the difficulty he’s experienced over the past year is even worse than the hardship he experienced while in the Army and fighting overseas. The Deep State’s callousness toward O’Boyle’s family is reprehensible.
After serving in the Army, O’Boyle eventually became an FBI Special agent, believing it would be “a dream job.” He received high marks for his job performance and was asked to join a new FBI SWAT unit. Yet this dream job quickly turned into a nightmare after he witnessed the corruption festering in the agency.
O’Boyle shared this shocking revelation about the FBI’s targeting of pro-lifers:
“Once, I was in touch with Congress because . . . every now and then there was an email we’d get, an order we’d get, or a new threat tag. Like one . . . in light of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v Wade, and in the guidance for that threat tag . . . it said to look into pro-life adherents. And then on top of that . . . I was tasked from headquarters to query one of my confidential human sources who was a pro-life person and ask him all sorts of questions about the Dobbs decision and if there are people in the pro-life movement who are mobilizing to be violent.”
O’Boyle recognized that these orders were “way out of bounds.” Pro-lifers weren’t threats to people like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh – abortion radicals were the ones angrily protesting outside the Justice’s home.

Clearly, the FBI was weaponized to target pro-lifers, and this weaponization of the FBI should alarm all Americans.

We know many good people are inside the FBI and other federal agencies. That’s why we are fighting to defend whistleblowers and other brave Americans who want to see integrity restored in the FBI and other federal institutions. This is why we launched our Life & Liberty Drive. We need your support to defend them.
Today’s Sekulow broadcast was a stark reminder of the Deep State’s threat to brave Americans shining a light on government corruption. The FBI can’t keep demonizing heroes like agents O’Boyle and Allen. Both men defended our country overseas and then served our country admirably as FBI agents. Further, they told the truth when they saw the FBI abusing their authority.
We are proud to defend these two men, and we will ensure justice prevails. Be sure to follow our Life & Liberty Drive and join us in the fight.

EXCLUSIVE Interview With FBI Whistleblower

Why our world is drowning in MASS MENTAL ILLNESS: How to heal trauma and advance consciousness for human progress

BBN, Aug 4, 2023 – Why our world is drowning in MASS MENTAL ILLNESS…

This week, the U.S. federal government received a credit rating downgrade. Given the unsustainable levels of government spending and debt, as well as the skyrocketing interest payments to merely service the debt, should anyone be surprised? Endless wars and endless welfare promises come at a cost. It’s obviously very easy for politicians to focus on the short-run and let future generations deal with the long-run. But the long-run always arrives, and is rarely expected.

U.S. Government Credit Rating Downgraded – What Does It Mean?

It’s no secret that the Central Intelligence Agency is a powerful, shadowy agency with massive influence around the world. But is it the most powerful organization in the world, as Dr. Robert Malone recently suggested in an interview with The New American?  

In this episode, we begin by looking at a newspaper op-ed written by the man who organized the CIA, Harry Truman, in which he laments that the organization evolved into one that takes part in “cloak and dagger” peacetime operations. We then discuss other concerning reports about the CIA before having a roundtable discussion about why the CIA was really created, its involvement in international events, and what American citizens can do to offset the influence of such an organization.   

Watch Dr. Robert Malone: Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 2: How the CIA and Global Socialist Oligarchy Are Building the “New Normal” at

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The New American TV | CIA: Most Powerful Organization in the World?

From X22 Report:

The [DS] has lost control and they are no longer in charge. Trump is now showing the people what election interference looks like. He is a war time president and he is in control. Biden/[DS] continually renews EO 13848, the question is why would they do this if they are in control, they wouldn’t. The [DS] is panicking and they are now testing a cyber attack on the hospital infrastructure. Trump has the [DS] exactly where he wants them. 

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Ep 3132b – Clowns Lost Control, Trial Of The Century, Wartime Powers Implemented, EO 13848

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