Truckers Are Lighting “Brushfires of Freedom” In Millions of Minds

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By Chris Rossini

Tyranny is nothing new. People who embrace it, and who lust after power, tend to follow a similar pattern. There are no brakes. They always push it too far. They always overplay their hand. They can’t seem to stop themselves once they have a grip on the population.

Canada experienced a shocking amount of tyranny over the last several years. And yet, under the extreme pressure that the Canadian people were forced to endure, it appears that a diamond has been formed. Out came a force for liberty that has caught the attention of the entire world!

We are born free, and meant to always stay free. Authoritarians, no matter how much data they chase after, can never know or anticipate everything. Who could have predicted that a major spark would emerge in Canada? Yet, that is the history of Liberty vs. power has always been. Who could have predicted that 13 colonies would secede from the biggest empire on earth back in 1776?

In our world of perpetual uncertainty, it’s impossible to centrally plan human life. Yet, there’s never a shortage of misguided individuals who are willing to give it a try….and create mass human suffering in doing so.

It’s hard enough to plan one’s own life, let alone venturing out and foolishly sticking your nose into someone else’s business. But this fact never seems to dawn on authoritarians, no matter how much logic, theory, and history backs it up.

The desire for freedom is innate. It can be suppressed, but not abolished. Life and Liberty are two sides of the same coin. Without Life, there is no Liberty. Without Liberty, there is no Life.

When backed into an impossible corner, Life and Liberty always finds a crack to burst through. 

After 2 years of hardcore tyranny around the world, the ideas of freedom are bursting forth, first in Canada…

When you have one side that is “just doing their job,” versus another that is willing to give everything they have for freedom, is it any wonder why George Washington said, “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

No one knows the future.

But millions of people are having their minds lit up with the images and honking horns of Liberty!

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