This July 4th, Thank God We Still Have The First Amendment as long as We use it!

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First This July 4th, Thank God You’re Not European And Still Have The First Amendment! Next In an era of bad news, the US Supreme Court has brought us some good. Then Christie Hutcherson joins Alex Jones live to sound the alarm on massive internment camps being built across the United States to hold undesirable citizens.

Christie and her team do not take salaries. 100% of any gift goes to their operations, their data collection and their intelligence reporting. They are in desperate need of financial support to continue their mission to save our country. Please donate at: Next Your death is the ultimate goal of the United Nations Agenda. These people obsess over it day and night. You may have felt a strange primitive survival instinct gnawing in your gut. Because your death is the ultimate goal of the United Nations Agenda. Then The Biden camp is panicking after creepy Joe’s naked dementia display at the first debate. Who is coming to the rescue? None other than Hunter Biden, the criminal treasonous crackhead progeny star player of the Biden Crime syndicate.
Apparently sitting in on high level talks to steer the United States of America. This is where we are as WW3 looms on the horizon. And finally Alex Rosen joins Alex Jones live to detail why he was censored on X after catching an official democrat party member soliciting for sex with a minor on video.

The Extended Report

Mike Adams reports;

Former US Border Patrol group leader sounds the emergency alarm on the INVASION of America

TREASON’ filmmaker JJ Carrell issues urgent INVASION warning for America

The New American Daily reports;

In a major repercussion from last Friday’s Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity, Judge Juan Merchan postponed Trump’s upcoming sentencing to September 18. The possibility that the sentencing won’t happen at all is very real. The New American’s editorial staff discuss what this could mean when it comes to the Deep State’s strategy.   Also in this episode:  Calls for Joe Biden to step down are getting louder;  Rudy Giuliani has been disbarred;  Wisconsin legislator discusses the Dairy State’s electoral prospects. 

Trump Sentencing Delayed. Is the Deep State Losing?

X22 report;

Ep. 3394b – [HRC] & [MO] Take Center Stage,Trump Begins The Narrative, [DS] Spied On My Campaign

The Ron Paul Liberty Report;

Independence Day, 2024

The New American reports;

Today’s holiday celebration is often called the Fourth of July. But a better way of thinking of the holiday is Independence Day.

Celebrating today via fireworks, parades, and picnics is entirely appropriate. But Independence Day is also a time to recall the sacrifices of the Founding Fathers and the principles of freedom they championed that made America the greatest country on earth. It is also a good time to resolve to become better informed and involved in today’s freedom movement to ensure that America stays independent and that the wonderful blessings of liberty we have inherited will be passed on to generations yet unborn.

New American Daily | Independence Day Special

There exists a diabolical international network of people conspiring to destroy the United States, the sovereignty of every nation, and the liberty of all people, and create a totalitarian one-world government to be ruled by them. Over the last eight years, the conspirators have been blatant in a manic mission to destroy Donald Trump, used a fabricated crisis as an excuse to strip average people of their unalienable rights, pushed onto billions of people an unproven and destructive technology, and stolen the American presidency from the rightful winner. Considering all of this — as well as an additional train of abuses — at what point is armed resistance justified? In this episode, the editors of The New American tackle one of the most complex and serious questions, one deserving the utmost care.

New American Daily | When Is Armed Resistance Justified?

The John Birch Society reports;

A rising chorus of voices are telling the world what The John Birch Society has proclaimed since 1958: to get the United States out of the UN, and get the UN out of the United States.

Professor Alan Dershowitz has just added his voice in one of his latest podcasts.
Recall that Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested the same thing from the stage at CPAC earlier this year, while Sean Hannity suggested the same last year. And for the first time, there are two bills sitting in the U.S. House and Senate designed to do just that. So what are we waiting for? We’ll cover this and explain how you can help in today’s Analysis Behind the News, perspective and solutions you won’t get anywhere else.

Dershowitz: Get Out of the United Nations! | JBS News Analysis

The Gateway Pundit reports;

Plan to ASSASSINATE Trump?! MSM Says The Quiet Part Out Loud | Elijah Schaffer

Redacted News reports;

CIA Whistleblower EXPOSES how the agency is a deep state machine RUN AMOK | Redacted News

Health Ranger Report;

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 4 – INDEPENDENCE DAY EDITION…

FlashPoint reports;

FlashPoint: July 4th Special | Victor Marx , Lee Greenwood (7/4/24)




LIVE WITH JULIE 4TH of July Message!

Galatians 5:13

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.

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