The Real Agenda Behind Transgenderism

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Many of the issues that have surfaced in the past decade have always existed in secret. Hidden in secret societies and Societies underbelly, but now They have come to the forefront and threaten the fabric of our very society and the very future of Humanity. Perhaps this has happened now because Christians have become Too excepting. We now have a “go along to get along” attitude. This not necessarily a good thing. Where do we draw the line on what is excepted in society. Especially when it conflicts with Gods Law and the ways of Nature. God and Nature says there are Two genders Male and Female. This is true of Animals and Humans. Yet this Social group of Transgenderism wants you to think that Gender is a Chosen thing. Don’t get me wrong I do think GROWN ADULTS do have the right to choose there paths in life however when force and impose there beliefs on Children to confuse and pervert them, ITS TIME TO TAKE A STAND!

Perhaps our Society at-least half of it has become so lazy and decedent that they think this kind of thing is ok. Others are so caught up in the MSM Narrative and there own self interest that they don’t notice it and worse they do but care because has not effected them directly at-least not yet. So here we are, God has put Us on notice THIS WILL NOT STAND! So do we save our future for our Children or do we let them be perverted and corrupted. You decide.

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