The Oppressive Mask “Mandates” Finally Go Up In Flames

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By Chris Rossini

After two years of unnecessary, illegal, illogical, and unconstitutional mask tyranny, the “mandate” has finally gone up in flames.

It’s a bittersweet moment.

It’s sweet in that it’s never a bad thing when tyranny is rolled back. It’s really wonderful that those who don’t want to wear a mask are no longer compelled by an overreaching government to do so. 

That’s really how it should have been from the beginning. If you want to wear a mask, wear it. What other people do and how they assess the risk of covid to themselves is none of your business.

But, of course, for those who have authoritarian passions that they can’t (or don’t want to) control, that’s not good enough. They impose themselves on you. It’s not “live and let live”; but rather “live as I say you should live”. Even worse, they attempt (and sometimes succeed) in using the force of government to coerce you to live as they say you should live.

The tyrants at the top may get all the headlines, but they don’t operate in a vacuum. They have plenty of petty tyrants and minions who support and want to oppress other people too. In our fallen world, those at the top simply need to light the initial match. If the minions below are given permission and enough encouragement, they’ll torch everything in sight.

We saw what ordinary Americans (when propagandized with enough fear) are willing to do to other ordinary Americans. It was stunning and sad. Actually, that’s too soft of a description. It was sickening!

That’s why it’s so important never to give tyranny a single inch. Give it 15 days and it’ll gladly snuff 2 years of your life away from you…or worse, if permitted.

Once the emotional hold of fear sets in, all logic is tossed aside. Logic and truth become faint whispers out in the wilderness. Only the few and courageous will seek them out. 

Meanwhile, the destructive emotion of fear takes center stage, and it’s the hottest ticket in town. That’s when the tyrants really have their field day. 

When logic and truth are removed, feeding the emotional fire of fear is all that’s necessary from that moment on. 

Suffice it to say, those who direct the massive propaganda apparatus that surrounds us from every direction are very, very good at feeding the fire. Considering that this latest episode encompassed the entire world, the case can be made that they’ve mastered their twisted and nefarious craft.

If they could, they’d surely feed the fire forever — and enjoy power grabs without end!

But all emotional fires burn out. They all have their time limits. The law of diminishing returns cannot be abolished.

The mask charade took 2 whole years to finally burn out. In a vast majority of American minds, it burned out long ago. But the government finally put a fork in it yesterday.

Good riddance.

But Americans should seriously reflect on what has transpired here. 

Do we live in an America where politicians and bureaucrats can simply “mandate” clearly unconstitutional and tyrannical measures without fear?

After all, in this case we had to wait YEARS for the “mandate” to be declared illegal. It was obvious from the very start!

When something so despicable can take YEARS to get rid of, does this tell politicians to stay with the “mandate” playbook? 

Does this make them think: “Don’t worry about it being legal or illegal; we’ll get a good couple of years out of it either way.”

If that’s the case, then freedom in America has a big problem.

We can’t afford to sit around and hope that a judge MIGHT repeal a tyrannical “mandate” someday. That’s not a country that operates under the rule of law, or under a Higher Law.

The lessons better be learned sooner rather than later:

Never give tyrannical “mandates” an inch.

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