The Covid ‘Berlin Wall’ Is Crumbling

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By Chris Rossini

It always takes awhile for the truth to fan out through society. That’s not to say that all the truth is out from Covid tyranny; far from it. But enough truth is now evident to turn the tide of general opinion.

Governments have predictably turned on a dime, and are now tripping over themselves to relieve restrictions and mandates.

According to this CDC chart, the demand for boosters is dropping precipitously:

What happened?

Well, for one thing, people have discovered that unprecedented tyranny failed to “stop the spread.”

Here’s a chart of daily Covid cases in the U.S.:

​Did masks stop the spread? … No!

How about lockdowns? … No!

Plastic dividers? Anti-Social distancing? No!

How about the “vaccines”? … No!

That last one is the real stinger for many people. The propaganda was relentless that if you just take the shots … well, you know the rest.

Lots of people did take the shots, only to hear Pfizer’s CEO say the following words: “We know that the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection, if any.”

With Covid cases exploding, especially in the highest “vaccinated” states and countries, people all over the world have apparently reached the point of “enough is enough.”

The protests that have peppered the planet are massive. The resistance seems to have never been stronger. It’s actually very encouraging to see that so many people around the world do not want to live under a medical tyranny. Freedom is certainly not an “American thing.” It’s a human thing, and human beings, no matter where they live, have clearly had enough.

So, governments are now backpedalling.

This is good, of course, but vigilance and persistence is imperative. The rollback is happening at a snail’s pace, and will continue this way unless people insist otherwise.

It must be remembered that those with power will doggedly try to maintain that power. We’ve seen tyrants and petty tyrants come out of the woodwork in all aspects of our lives. These individuals have received a rush and a high unlike any other that they’ve experienced in their lives. They’re not going to want to let that go. They will not want to take their authoritarian impulses back into the shadows.

So it’s not as if a switch will be flipped, and the tyrants will go away. It’ll be the opposite. They’ll look for any angle to keep the authoritarian adrenaline going.

They will look for “footholds.”

Here are some analogies on what is meant by that. When the American empire claims that it is “leaving” a place like Afghanistan, they’re not really “leaving.” They always leave a foothold. They always leave a marker behind.

Consider the “War on Terror.” You hardly ever hear those words anymore. But you certainly still experience the TSA. All of the surveillance over our lives is certainly still a present reality. Right?

Those are “footholds.” That’s how tyranny works.

Rollback from the extreme, but always leave your foot in the door.

NEVER go back to normal. NEVER leave people alone again. Then use those “footholds” to ratchet up the tyranny again in the future.

With regards to maintaining the Covid regime, Pfizer’s CEO is now backpedalling from suggesting frequent boosters, to “once a year.”

That’s a foothold. That leaves their foot in the door. That ensures that being left alone is not an option.

It should be rejected.

All footholds must be rejected.

No amount of tyranny should be acceptable. No amount should be allowed to linger on.

If individuals want boosters, or annual Covid shots, fine! To each his own. No one has a right to deny them what they want for their own bodies. But to insist that everyone must do such things is a gross violation of bodily sovereignty.

If you don’t have the freedom to reject foreign substances being injected into your body, then you have no freedom at all! None!

So while the Covid ‘Berlin Wall’ crumbles, it’s key to remain vigilant and remain persistent in defending liberty. This tangle with tyranny is far from over. The authoritarians who are rolling back their tyranny aren’t doing so because they want to. They’re doing so because they have to. They are the tiniest of minorities, shielded by mass propaganda. But when the people get upset, they have to reluctantly roll back.

Insist that no tyranny remains behind.

Insist on living a life of Liberty.

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