Supreme Court Rules Democrat Judges Attempted To Make Trump And America Slaves

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Alex Jones and the Infowars crew celebrate the SCOTUS ruling in favor of Trump appearing on the primary ballot in 2024- a major victory for freedom and the truth! Next Alex Jones Issues Emergency Message To The American People. Then Michael Yon and Ann Vandersteel join Alex Jones to give the latest news on America’s collapsed southern border. The incompetent drug addled powers that be have zero solutions or vision. Of course the only future they can see for the American people is a large scale war in a foreign land to protect their global money laundering operation. Do not buckle for a second. Take the power back! The overlords have been scuttled from the shadows. The Rothschild family has guarded its anonymity for generations. But those who sought out the true history of the ruling families of Planet Earth have made the families profiting off of usury, war, famine, death and control common knowledge. These families must now face the consequences for what they have unleashed upon humanity throughout history. Then Israeli war crimes ostentatiously displayed to the entire world. Then We have been nice. The American people referred to it as network news, the media, the alphabet networks. Gradually we dug deeper and discovered that it was full blown government issued propaganda. So we dubbed it mockingbird media after Operation Mockingbird. It is now 2024, let’s just call it what it is. It is CIA media funded by a sociopathic global cartel hell bent on fueling a daily psyop on the American people amateurishly presented by a myriad of half wit authoritarian junkies.It is CIA TELEVISION.CIA Media Junkies Unite! So that the American people can enforce our Constitution against your totalitarian nonsense.

Extended Report;

Flyover Conservatives reports;

Prophecies | TIMES UP – The Prophetic Report with Stacy Whited

AMERICA – Disintegrated from within by China – Courtenay Turner

Should the Government be Allowed to Obtain Information Using YOUR Social Media and Alt Platforms? – Amy Peikoff; A Game-Changing Job-Matching Solution – Andrew Crapuchettes; Signs of Trouble at Regional Banks Reignite Sector Fears – Dr. Kirk Elliott | FOC Show

Mike Adams reports;

Brighteon Broadcast News, Mar 4, 2024 – Trump declares Biden a traitorous enemy of the Constitution who’s trying to overthrow the United States of America

How AI is being WEAPONIZED against you

LifeSiteNews reports;

The LGBT agenda was never going to leave children alone. Watch this graphic footage of an LGBT parade involving children, and never forget that the LGBT movement was always going to target our youth.

GRAPHIC: LGBT Parade Targets Children

Press For Truth reports;

Transgender Womb Transplants & Child Sex Dolls For Pedophiles: This Isn’t Progressive, It’s Satanic!

Man in America reports;

BREAKING: Elites Rush to Dump $11B in Stocks as March 11 Banking Collapse Fears Loom

The New American reports;

The leftist agenda to indoctrinate children with unnatural vice is rampant in schools across the country. Rhonda Miller, field coordinator for The John Birch Society and director of Purple for Parents of Indiana, visits with The New American senior editor Rebecca Terrell to describe how her state became the launchpad for the filth promoted by our elected leaders at state and federal levels, through schools and behind parents’ backs. Miller is trying to wake people up and has had a few notable victories along the way. But the battle is uphill, and she says all parents need to get involved now before it is too late.

Rhonda Miller: They’re After Your Children

Redacted News reports;

Trump rival Leticia James is now going after the beef industry. The New York Attorney General has filed a lawsuit for saying that bacon can be a part of the future. The lawsuit is full of unproven climate nonsense. The NY Post calls it frivolous and says that it will scare businesses out of the state of New York.

Hang on! Anti-Trump LIBS have a new ENEMY to go after | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris



Hank Kunneman PROPHETIC WORD🚨[THIS WILL HAPPEN NEXT] Powerful Prophecy March 3, 2024

Knowing the Power of Words – Part 3

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