Shocking Video Of Children Drugged And Trafficked At Southern Border!

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Anthony Aguero joins Owen to examine the stunning film Anthony recorded of youngsters that have all the earmarks of being sedated at America’s southern line.

On the off chance that unlawful migrants appear outside your entryway, what do you do about it? The response might be different relying upon which state you’re in. On the off chance that you’re in a safe-haven state, government is more well-suited to acknowledge the outsiders than other people who are not. All things considered, these are states that have pronounced they won’t help out migration customs implementation. However, when 50 of them appear in Martha’s Grape plantation, they are immediately whisked away to an army installation, while calls from line states to control a tremendous progression of outsiders by getting the boundary is met with lies and goes generally overlooked.

Is the Biden organization oblivious to the government regulations, being utilized as instruments to satisfy a political plan, or have they readily become involved with a lot bigger plan? So What can you do about It?

  1. Tell Congress to Get Us out of the UN!
  2. After Midterm; Impeach Biden, Harris, and overturn his policies with better laws.
  3. Tell Congress to pass news laws to set Better Humanitarian standards of how immigrants are to be treated.
  4. Close the Borders!

From JBS News Analysis: Biden’s Immigration Invasion

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