Scott Ritter’s Show — Conversations with Russians to Improve Understanding between America and Russia

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Scott Ritter’s Show debuted this week — at a time when it is much needed.

Big money media is painting Russia as an archvillain, the United States Congress and president are imposing sanctions on Russia while sending weapons and other aid to Ukraine in order to kill Russians, and the US Secretary of State is steadfastly avoiding pursuing diplomatic efforts to improve US-Russia relations. In contrast, Ritter, who many followers of Ron Paul Institute (RPI) activity be familiar with from his articles posted at the RPI website and his speech at a June 4 RPI event, has been saying the US should be following a more peaceful path in regard to Russia.

It appears that a desire to promote understanding between America and Russia is at the core of the new show’s purpose. It thus stands in contrast to efforts of media and government politicians to regularly manipulate presentation of information to direct Americans into hating and fearing Russia. Ritter talks about his goal for the show at the beginning of the show’s first episode. Ritter states:
I’d like to welcome you to the inaugural edition of the Scott Ritter Show. The idea behind this is to have a conversation with important Russian figures to enter into a dialogue—a discussion—a debate about the current events in order to create a better understanding between the United States and Russia and indeed anybody who is watching this show.
Good luck to Ritter in pursuing this goal.

In the first episode of Scott Ritter’s Show, Ritter has an interesting discussion with Leonid Petrovich Reshetnikov whose background includes having been the head of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies and having worked in Soviet and then Russian foreign intelligence. The discussion is largely related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. You can watch the episode here.

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