Russia Pulls Back Troops as Putin Embarrasses Western Media Trying to Start WW3 to Protect Biden

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As Biden Tries to convince America that Russia is our enemy, Russia withdraws proving him a liar. As the Covid narrative unravels, Biden tries to start a War to distract the American People and cover his Ass.

War Room reports U.S. Intelligence Agencies claimed that Russia would invade Ukraine at 1 am local time. That time came and went without any invasion, and in fact, Putin has pulled Russian troops back and ended the military drills. Much to the dismay of the war hawks and profiteers in the U.S. government and media. The hack interview by Leslie Stahl with Donald Trump from 2020 on SpyGate is going viral showing how biased and wrong liberal media outlets are and how arrogant they are scolding the President during an interview. High School students are protesting against the mask mandates while college students are protesting for it. After the mask-free Super Bowl, Americans are finally realizing the double standards and fear mongering. Clay Clark from the Reawaken American tour discusses this.

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