Russia Offers Ukraine Terms of Surrender as Biden Blames Putin for his Economic Failures!

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As Putin Offers Surrender terms to the Ukraine Leadership, here at home Biden and the Dems are turning Putin into a “Scape Goat” for America’s Economic Woes. And to make matters worst they setting the stage for Cyber Attacks that will be blamed on Russia whether Russia actually does it or not. They Need an excuse to drag us into a War with Russia to distract America From the Incredible corruption that is surfacing as well as the Failing Covid Narrative.

Biden is a weak excuse for a President and OUR ENEMIES KNOW IT! It’s like Blood in the water is to a shark! They see weakness and Our enemies are ready to exploit it! Just in case you did not notice this might have happened when Trump was President but it didn’t, that’s because Trump was the Strongest President We have ever had in modern times and they Feared what He might do if they tried it. Biden is deliberately ratching up the War rederic to Justify a War with Russia which will devastate America’s already Damaged economy use the weakness for a global take over which would mean America’s end.

The good news is WE THE PEOPLE CAN STOP IT! We do this Peacefully by not going along with it! We Refuse to comply with their outrageous attacks on our liberty. The Truckers have the right idea. Now we have to build on it. We have to add our voices to theirs and back them up! Not just for them but for ourselves the future of our Nation! This is not the time for Blacks this is not the time for whites it’s not the time for Democrats or even Republicans. IT’S THE TIME FOR AMERICANS! UNITED WE STAND! AND UNITED WE CAN BEAT THIS!

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