Ron DeSantis Joins the Wage War on Mexico Chorus

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In a post last week, I pondered whether Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis would stand up against talk by frontrunner Donald Trump, and several other Republican presidential primary candidates, favorable to the United States going to war against Mexico.

A week later, it appears the answer is “no.” Instead of opposing the call for war on Mexico, DeSantis is advocating for it.

The DeSantis campaign released this week a position paper titled “Mission: Stop the Invasion — No Excuses.” It includes the following statement of a commitment by DeSantis that puts him squarely in the camp of Republican presidential candidates promoting a US war on Mexico:
And if the Mexican government drags its feet, DeSantis reserves the right to operate across the border to secure our territory from Mexican cartel activities. If the Mexican government won’t stop cartel drug manufacturing, DeSantis will surge resources to the Navy and the Coast Guard and block precursor chemicals from entering Mexican ports.
That’s pro-war talk, plain and simple.

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