Republican Presidential Candidates Lining Up in Support of War on Mexico

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On April 10, I wrote about Republican presidential candidates being open to pursuing war on Mexico — sending the US military into Mexico to fight drug cartels despite the opposition of the Mexico government to such intervention.

Mexican-American War II advocates, I noted, included candidates Donald Trump, Asa Hutchinson, and Vivek Ramaswamy.

It turns out the list of Republican presidential candidates open to such US military action is longer. Republican presidential candidates Tim Scott and Nikki Haley have announced they support war on Mexico, as detailed by Brad Dress in a Saturday The Hill article.

Ron DeSantis, who has the second most support among Republican presidential primary candidates, has so far refrained from endorsing war on Mexico. Dress wrote:
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the top candidate after Trump, has not explicitly endorsed military action but said last month “we really need to hold the Mexican drug cartels accountable” over migration concerns.
If DeSantis were to come out strongly against war on Mexico, he could set himself apart from the field and challenge front-running candidate Trump’s claim to the title of “peace candidate” in the Republican presidential primary contest.

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