Rabbis Against Zionism and the Israel Government

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An effort is being undertaken in America to broaden the definition of antisemitism from its commonly understood meaning to include criticism of the government of Israel. The absurdity of this effort is demonstrated by the fact that there are many Jewish people in America and around the world who criticize the Israel government in regard to its war efforts and a variety of other actions.

Indeed, there are Jewish people who, beyond criticizing particular actions of the Israel government, oppose Zionism and the creation of the Israel government that that movement helped bring about.

Kudos to Glenn Greenwald for interviewing at his System Update show on Tuesday two orthodox rabbis — Yisroel Dovid Weiss and Dovid Feldman — who provided a good overview of why they and other Jewish people have long opposed Zionism and the creation and continued existence of the Israel government. Consideration of this information not commonly presented in the media is important for more fully understanding matters related to the Israel government that is sometimes referred to as “the Jewish state.”

Watch the interview here:

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