New York May Be the First to Ban Gas Stoves

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On Tuesday, I wrote about the latest step being considered in the United States government’s ongoing effort to make homes more dreary. The US government has already pursued over the last few decades regulations to eliminate the sale of popular types of light bulbs, furnaces, toilets, and other items that help make a home homey. Now the Consumer Product Safety Commission is targeting gas stoves for elimination as well.

While the US government can be a big downer when it comes to restricting freedom, you can be sure that in regard to many matters there are some state governments even more eager in their quest for suppression. Seemingly attempting to demonstrate such in this instance is New York Governor Kathy Hochul. If she has her way, the New York state government may beat the US government to the punch by being the first to ban the popular stoves in America.

Hochul “quietly snuck a proposal to outlaw new gas stoves into the ‘New York Housing Compact’ she unveiled during her State of the State speech Tuesday,” reported the New York Post in a Wednesday article. But the ban does not just apply to gas stoves. The Post article further notes that “Hochul’s plan would ban gas stoves, hot water heaters and oil furnaces in both new home and commercial construction by the end of the decade.”

Argh. Hochul sounds like the Grinch who stole every day.

Over on the editorial page, the Post’s editorial board provided a good, short rebuff of the new threatened bans from the US and New York governments, including the shady proffered justifications of protecting children and the environment. Read the editorial here.

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