Marine Needs Our Help! Being Held as a Political Prisoner in DC! Live Stream Replay

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Marine Needs Our Help! Being Held as Political Prisoner in DC! Live Stream Replay

Just in Case You Missed the Live Stream Here it is: Marine Needs Our Help! Being Held as a Political Prisoner in DC! Live Stream Replay.

DOMINIC PEZZOLA A Marine, Father, Husband, Son, and Great Patriot is being held as a “Political Prisoner” in a DC Jail! Gateway Pundit Reports; “Many things have been said about Dominic Pezzola in Mainstream Media, in Senate Hearings, in Congress, and even from his very own fired Public Defender (early on in his case) – which amount to absolute lies, slander, and misinformation. Please read, in his very own words, who he really is and what he is all about.” Here is a letter from him published by the Gateway Pundit:

Hello to my fellow America-Loving Patriots!

My name is Dominic Pezzola, and I am a 2nd generation Italian American.

My father and grandfather immigrated to the Unites States of America when my father was a young boy, after the sudden death of my grandmother. My mother has always described me as an easy child. I always listened to my parents and never gave them a hard time. I believe I am a very intelligent person and was always a great student in school, unlike the media has reported about me. I received excellent grades and have always pushed myself to exceed.

I was also involved in sports all through my youth: baseball, football, hockey, wrestling and boxing. Boxing was the sport I truly excelled at, earning the golden gloves in high school. Many say I was loved by both my coaches and teammates.

I have been a hard worker since the very early age of 11. As most have in those days, I started as a newspaper boy and did that until I turned 15 when I went to work at a local grocery store. After finishing high school, I worked as an apprentice electrician, and at the age of 19 decided to join the US military service.

I joined the Marine Corp and graduated at the top of my class as “Company Honor Man”. This honor meant that at graduation I was one of the few allowed the privilege of wearing my dress blues and lead the graduation ceremony by carrying our beloved American flag. The day was hot and stifling, with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees. However, that day I stood proud and tall in my woolen blues. Even though I now feel as if many of my countrymen have turned their backs on me, I would do it all over again to serve this great country.

I have never been in any trouble through the years, nor have been charged with any crimes. I have always been a very loving and giving person. If you ever needed help, I would be there never expecting anything in return. I am an honest man, a reliable man, and have very deep convictions, principles, and beliefs that have been evident in the raising my children. We have taught them to always be honest, always work hard, always judge a person based on their character, and to always treat others with kindness and respect.

I have always tried to take the best care of my family, love them with all my heart. I had always been the main provider for them, in all things. The mother of my children was able to stay home and raise our girls – as well as attend college – without the added pressure of having to provide financially. Just before the events of January 6th she began graduate school – her lifelong dream! Being that I am currently unable to provide for them is almost unbearable for me. Knowing they now have the added stress of financial responsibility makes me feel as if I have failed them.

I have always prided myself on being a loyal friend and son. My love for people has shown throughout my life in so many ways. Just before the birth of my oldest daughter, me and a friend of mine came upon a car that had crashed on Alexander St. in my hometown of Rochester, NY and caught fire. There was a young woman trapped in the car! Without hesitation I jumped out of my friend’s vehicle and pulled the young woman from the burning wreckage. I only mention this as it bears testament to my character and the type of man I truly am.

I am a father, son, friend, honorably discharged Marine Corp veteran and a small business owner. I have provided jobs, and taught a trade, to individuals in recovery to help them become self-sufficient and better members of society. I pay taxes and, like most, had always played by the rules that those who make the rules don’t even follow themselves.

On top of all the things above that I used to describe myself, one phrase I never dreamed I would have had to use is “Hostage.” That is exactly what me and about 35 other American citizens in the Washington DC Jail have become! We are HOSTAGES to a tyrannical government which has stripped us of all Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights – jailing us indefinitely going on 12 months with no trial date in sight! Besides being denied fair bail and a speedy trial, we are also denied any due process! Further, I have not seen one shred of evidence against me, nor have I had any privileged contact with my attorneys! The entire time I’ve been here, none of us have been allowed to assist in our own defense – a Constitutionally-protected right given to every single US Citizen!

We have been tortured consistently, locked down 23 hours/day in a cell, given very little food, not allowed basic grooming (such as haircuts and shaves), have been forbidden to have visits with our families, denied religious services, and even denied basic medical care! In my case, they took a treatable condition, and through neglect, it has turned it into something that now requires surgery! The worst part is – I cannot have that surgery done here at the DC jail! I am left in constant pain! We are being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, all while having not been convicted of a single crime!

Like millions of red-blooded Americans, I was deeply troubled by the path our country was going down. We have a government that is out-of-control, spending our tax dollars literally burying our children in a mountain of debt! Yet, we have a border that is wide open, letting everyone and anyone come through unvetted, many of them killing and hurting U.S. citizens! Like many others, I felt we had a government that didn’t care about its own people and was disconnected from the pain that everyday hardworking Americans – like you and I – felt.

After the 2016 Election the country started feeling like it was on the right path again! Employment was high, wages were up, the border was under control, and our military was once again second-to-none! All this was accomplished while the Left fought against and obstructed the America-First agenda every step of the way.

Freedom-loving patriots came to DC on January 6th to implore our elected leaders to pause and take a closer look at the anomalies that took place over the 2020 Presidential Election. However, our pleas fell on deaf ears as thousands of peaceful protesters – exercising their First Amendment right – were brutally fired upon, unprovoked, by the capitol police using rubber bullets; flash bang grenades; and dousing a crowd of women, children, and elderly with pepper spray.

As of now we know the actions of law enforcement that day killed at least two protesters in cold blood, both women: Ashley Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland. More evidence keeps coming out every day about the role the FBI, DHS, Capitol Police, and the Washington DC MPD played in the events of that day. Informants, assets, and agents were in the crowd instigating the riot to set up and entrap peaceful protesters.

The bias of political persecution from the Left is brazenly clear when groups like Antifa and BLM are given a free pass to burn and destroy cities and private businesses – all while being let out of jail immediately to again continue to commit their communist rampage. Meanwhile, January 6 protesters – most of them just for trespassing – have had their lives destroyed by the very same federal agencies seemingly giving the Left a free pass, and routinely dismissing charges when they are caught!

Unfortunately, the Political Prisoners are not the only victims from the events of January 6th – each one of us has family, children, or businesses that are suffering or has been destroyed. The FBI has weaponized the Patriot Act against US Citizens to label us as terrorists, put us on no-fly lists, closed our bank accounts, and cancelled our lines of credit! Our families have been left to pick up the broken pieces of our lives and try to carry on the best they can. My children’s mother has stretched herself to the limit trying to balance work, school, our two daughters, and all my legal affairs. We have one daughter in college and the other a senior in high school, heading to college next year! With my business destroyed, and our savings rapidly dwindling, it is getting very difficult for them to make ends meet!

What I would like my fellow patriots to take away from this is: we are at a time in our nation’s history where if you don’t toe the correct political line, you will be destroyed! The tyranny we face now has NO MERCY. It will decimate you, everyone, and everything you care about! However, NOW is the time to unite and stand together as ONE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Thank you for the taking the time to read my story. May God bless all of you, and may God Bless AMERICA!

– Dominic Pezzola, Washington DC Political Hostage #376366


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