Marijuana Legalization Wins on the Ballot in Two States

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In August I wrote about marijuana legalization ballot measures that would be voted on in the November 8 election in five states — Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Here is an update on the results of those votes held on Tuesday of this week: While legalization failed to win majority approval in three of the states, it was approved in Maryland and Missouri.

That brings the number of states where marijuana has been legalized up to 21.

Jacob Sullum wrote at Reason about the votes on these ballot measures, as well as voters on Tuesday also approving psychedelics decriminalization in Colorado and establishing a prohibition on local police fining or arresting people for possession of small amounts of marijuana in five Texas cities. You can read his article here.

When Sullum wrote his article, the outcome of the Colorado psychedelics vote was not yet determined. On Friday, the win for decriminalization was recognized.

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