Lockdowns Returning! Are You Targeted? Are More False Flags Coming?

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On August 18th Alex Jones broke exclusive news that the Biden administration was going to start rolling out COVID mandates starting in mid September.Now on Sept 5th White House Spokes Hole Karine Jean-Pierre announced that “as has been the practice in the past” Biden will be wearing a mask indoors and around people. The COVID Tyranny is starting to ramp up again just as you warned back in August. Watch Alex Jones LIVE 11am to 3pm weekdays at https://infowars.com/show Tomorrows News Today! Next From Gregg Reese; After 9/11 and the birth of Homeland Security, fusion centers were set up to monitor U.S. citizens. And the U.S. Department of Justice legalized non-consensual experiments on the public.

These Fusion centers employ civilians to target individuals and harass them, intimidate them, vandalize their property, and interfere with their day-to-day life. This is known as Gang Stalking. Former high-ranking FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, reported in 2011 that he and thousands of others were being targeted. FBI agent Mike German confirmed this as well. Several federal agents have reported that they were targeting individual Americans including people who were simply Pro-Life. And that they were pressured to put more people on their targeting lists to legitimize more federal funding.

These Homeland Security Fusion centers are able to put any American citizen on the terrorist watch list without any reason or due process.

In 2012 NSA whistleblower, William Binney, reported that the Feds are conducting comprehensive surveillance on nearly every US citizen and targeting whomever they please.

In 2014 Glen Greenwald exposed the methods used to target individuals such as hacking into people’s social media accounts, posing as that person, and contacting their friends and co-workers.

Targeted Justice dot com is currently working on suing the federal government for targeting individual US citizens with different high-tech weapons including Directed Energy Weapons. The Havanna syndrome, when diplomats in Cuba were attacked with Directed Energy Weapons, was not an isolated event. There are thousands of individuals who claim to be under this same sort of attack. And they have the scars to prove it.

As far back as 1976, the technology to remotely alter brain waves has existed. Including Voice to Skull technology that allows the government to directly transmit voices into people’s brains.

As bad as all this is, it is likely to get much worse. In 2017 Dr James Giordano gave a lecture on the latest government technologies to target individuals. Such as neuroweapons to control brain function and modify memories. Nano particulates that can give an individual a stroke. He explains how they can make people sick with an undetectable illness to make them go crazy. And he says they can already control insects and use them to deliver bioweapons.

Extended Report:

World Alternative Media reports

Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest acknowledgement by the CDC as they admit the covid injections lead to a higher rate of so-called “covid.” For 2 years, the CDC claimed those who were uninjected were risking other people’s lives and putting themselves in danger. Now the CDC says that so-called “covid” injures and kills more vaccinated than unvaccinated. Of course covid itself has never been isolated from a human. But it’s clear to see that injecting yourself with something that destroys the immune system is bound to make someone sicker overall in general. This latest admittance comes as the media propaganda campaign explodes in the media’s face as people are not buying the notion of further lockdowns and masking.

WOW! CDC ADMITS VAX MAKES YOU SICK! – Latest Propaganda Campaign Is Going TERRIBLY!

Bowne Report reports;

As Chris Gleason reporting for the Gateway Pundit reported “A bombshell investigation has uncovered jaw-dropping connections between Fani Willis and a sprawling web of election fraud and money laundering activities. The investigation, which spans across multiple states and multiple jurisdictions, has revealed a complex network of illicit operations aimed at undermining the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law. It appears that she is currently playing a key role in orchestrating a systematic scheme to manipulate election outcomes, casting doubt on the integrity of the entire electoral process.”

Epoch Times investigative journalist Steven Kovac and Chris Gleason’s team uncovered a massive money laundering network of campaign finance contributions being made via ActBlue. Revealing that many of the top ActBlue “Contributors” never actually made the documented individual contributions. This criminal money laundering enterprise operates at the Federal, state and local levels. The first local elected official identified as part of this ongoing money laundering operation was Alvin Bragg. Exposed by James O’Keefe and his people at O’Keefe Media Group who captured many unwitting “Money Laundering Smurfs” in Maryland. Alvin Bragg received massive numbers of campaign finance contributions from this network of individuals who had been identified as smurfs. The investigation into Alvin Bragg also helped to uncover the use of pre-paid credit and debit cards in the structuring of the campaign finance contributions and the payment of ballot harvesting mules. It was recently discovered that 222 contributions to Atlanta DA Fani Willis’ campaign that had ZERO donor information. While, One of the out of state Fani Willis campaign contributors had made over 9,178 individual contributions just at the federal level since 2018. “Another individual “Fani Willis Campaign Contributor” who had made a single campaign contribution was also identified as a “INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR” making campaign finance contributions using addresses in multiple states to include Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York.” Illicit campaign finance funds were also identified in the campaigns of Wisconsin Supreme Court race of Janet Protasiewicz and Ralph Warnock. And spread to states such as Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin, Arizona, and then into every single state. Meanwhile this nationwide money laundering RICO enterprise is making more and more contributions to PACs and these PACs are financing local candidates. This RICO operation is at the heart of the Democrat party’s ability to retain power. A full fledged organized crime operation with strong ties to a myriad of Soros connected organizations. Operating with a one world government agenda to destroy the United States. Now delivered on a silver platter to an unwilling Congress ushering in its own demise.

The Soros Election Crime Operation Bombshell

Alex Jones reports;

An alarming lecture on the military applications of neurotechnology and how nano-particulate smart dust can be “scattered” to cause stroke epidemics has gone viral.

Learn more here:


Pentagon Announces Plan to Implant Americans with Nanotech Particles

Alex Jones breaks down the continuous Globalist plans to destroy the earth and eradicate humanity.

Operation Fishbowl: The US Project to Destroy the Earth

Call of Duty has begun eavesdropping on in-game voice chat using AI trained by the Anti-Defamation League to help ban gamers for using “toxic speech,” “hate speech,” “discriminatory language, harassment and more.”

BREAKING: ADL Used Hidden Microphones to Spy on Americans Inside Their Homes

LifeSiteNews reports;

Are you ready to take back the Church?  LifeSiteNews is proud to announce our 2023 Rome Life Forum in Rome, Italy. The two-day strategy conference will be held immediately after the Vatican’s Synod on Synodality which threatens to formalize heretical teachings on the family.

We will focus on confronting the evils of the Deep Church and Deep State and their involvement in the Great Reset agenda. We will learn and work out together how we as Christ’s faithful can combat this diabolical movement under the direction of Our Lady.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to actively participate in all forum strategy sessions with our guest speakers. The goal of the conference is to provide an interactive experience for all forum participants as we work together to formulate a plan to end corruption in the church, which will ultimately end corruption in the world.

Find out more here: https://romelifeforum.com/?utm_source=www

Are You Ready to Take BACK the Church?

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Alex Jones discusses heinous torture by the US government on prisoners in various military-run prison camps.

The President George W. Bush Torture Sport [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

LifeSiteNews reports;

Captain John Frankman served in the United States Army as a Special Forces Operator with the 7th Special Forces Group — risking his life to protect and defend American freedoms. Then, guided by his Catholic faith, Frankman refused the immoral COVID -19 “vaccines” — knowing that they were tainted with aborted fetal cells. Now, Frankman has left the U.S. Army and has dedicated himself to sounding the alarm about his inside experience — and the unrelenting way that the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccines are pushed upon U.S. Army Special Forces units. LOVE LIFESITE? LOVE BEING PRO-LIFE? GET THE FIRST AND ONLY LIMITED EDITION PRO-LIFE SILVER ROUND FROM LIFESITENEWS: https://www.stjosephpartners.com/lifesite-silver-roundSHOP ALL YOUR FUN AND FAVORITE LIFESITE MERCH! https://shop.lifesitenews.com/

Special Forces Captain Resisted COVID Vax — Paid With His Career

Source Link; https://freeworldnews.tv/

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