Leaked Audio Exposes China’s War Plans Against US and Taiwan

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Report and Editorial

Guest Jeff Nyquist joins guest host Mike Adams of https://naturalnews.com/ on The Alex Jones Show to break down the reports of leaked audio revealing China’s plans for war.

So as Biden continues to provoke Russia in the Ukraine, Decimated our Military with both the Death Jab and his purging of conservative Patriots, we may now face a possible war on two fronts. If Russia attacks us and China does we do not have enough resources or troops to stop it. Biden has sent so many resources, weapons ect., that we do not have enough here to defend ourselves if attacked. Add to that the fact that China’s Navy is bigger than ours and we are short handed due to purging by Biden and Covid Jab BS.

If China were to attack the continental US they would likely do so from the wet coast hitting CA. While Russia could use several options. There ICBMs can reach us loaded with possible EMP payloads to send us back to the wild west days or worst case a nuke to break and demoralize us and cripple us.

Based the the information provided in the video, a likely attack date might be in or around Late June or the The 4th of July. The Chinese follow the teachings of Sun Tzu and The Art of War. An Attack on “Independence Day” would demoralize the US and due great Physiological damage. Further jacking up the “fear factor” making citizens more easier to manipulate. And Biden could use such an opportunity to bring in foreign troops from NATO or the UN To “save us” since we are currently short handed due his incompetence as a President. Thus putting Foreign Troops on US soil who have NO loyalty or alliance to the American People and they under Biden’s puppet masters would have full control. The one thing that stands in there way is SECOND AMENDMENT and us! We have in the neighborhood of 100 Million gun owners here and that’s only the registered ones. It may take all of the Vets, Hunters, Loyal Military, Gang Bangers, Bikers, and Just plain patriots to band together to save our nation in the event of such an attack.

Because one thing is certain. Biden and his Regime won’t lift a finger accept to make things worse.

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