Killer Shots and Justice

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A Rasmussen Reports survey of American adults conducted last week found that 28 percent of the polled individuals “personally know” someone whose death “may have been caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.” These same experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots were relentlessly proclaimed by government officials and media commentators throughout the coronavirus scare as “safe and effective” for everyone.

Even a greater percentage of individuals queried by Rasmussen Reports — 49 percent — said it is either somewhat likely (21 percent) or very likely (28 percent) that “side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths.”

With the suspicion that the coronavirus shots are killers this widespread in America, and likely to continue to become more prevalent as both more information comes out about the shots and the coronavirus scare recedes into history, it seems like governments, corporations, and individuals behind the fast-track creation and approval, the promotion, the widespread distribution, and the mandated injection of the shots will likely increasingly find themselves in legal jeopardy.

People apparently responsible for deaths, and injuries as well, from the shots can point to legal protections against liability built into the law. But, it may be that the perception of wrongful killing, whether due to intentional or reckless actions, has reached or will soon reach a level that will cause the dam holding back liability to crumble. People disgusted by the deaths and by the responsible parties evading justice will demand that the liability protection be torn down or worked around.

Key to overcoming or bypassing liability protections would, at least in some situations, likely be showing responsible parties were more than just negligent about the harm from the shots — proving reckless or intentional disregard of expectable harms their actions would produce. Allegations of fraudulent representations may also be an important component of successful lawsuits and prosecutions.

We are already seeing cracks in the liability protection dam. This month, a United States court judge in Illinois approved a class actions lawsuit settlement under which NorthShore University HealthSystem agreed to pay 10.3 million dollars to about 500 employees. NorthShore had rejected the employees’ religious objections to the coronavirus shots that NorthShore had mandated employees take as a condition for keeping their jobs. Some of the employees receiving compensation were fired or reassigned after they refused to take the shots. Others submitted to taking the shots after denial of their exemption requests.

Another lawsuit has even resulted in Anthony Fauci, the most famous American coronavirus fearmonger of all, being deposed regarding some of his behind the scenes actions related to coronavirus. And, over in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is moving forward this month with impaneling a grand jury to look into potential crimes related to the shots.

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