Isreal Blamed for Hospital Attack! Deep Stare preparing for False Flags in US!

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Alex Jones breaks down evidence showing a failed Hamas rocket appeared to be responsible for the recent explosion at a Gaza hospital, not an Israeli missile. Next Alex Jones breaks down the surge in support for Trump, as the panicked Deep State prepares false flags to seize control. Then Dr. Francis Boyle, author of ‘Palestine, Palestinians and International Law’ joins host Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to break down the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict and what happens next. And even more in the Extended Report.

Extended Report

Alex Jones reports;

Michael Yon of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the globalist generals destroying America, and investigates General Michael E. Kurilla.

Special Ops Veteran Exposes Globalist Generals Destroying America/an Investigation of General Kurilla

Brannon Howse Live reports;

Billions Spent On Massive Camps Used In Trafficking Children Located Across Border States

Hamas Bombs Their Own Hospital and Middle East Blames Israel As Arab Nations Refuse to Take in Residents of Gaza

China, Russia and Iran Are Behind War with Israel and U.S., Taiwan and South Korea Could Be Next

Man in America reports;

How Can We Wake Up Our Fellow Americans Before It’s TOO LATE?? — Will Witt Interview

ACLJ reports;

While the media immediately scrambled to incorrectly blame Israel, United States intelligence has pointed out that the rocket that misfired and landed on a hospital in Gaza, killing hundreds, was fired by Palestinian terrorists.
Even the so-called venerable New York Times had to walk back its initial headline, originally stating the hospital blast was an “Israeli strike” before changing the incendiary headline against Israel after more information came to light.
It seems the Times, as well as many other mainstream media outlets, opted to parrot Hamas rather than wait for the facts, as reported:
“An explosion killed hundreds of people on Tuesday at a hospital in Gaza City that was packed with people sheltering there, Gazan officials said, as Palestinians and Israelis blamed each other for a tragedy that inflamed the region just as President Biden was expected to arrive in Israel.
Hamas, the group that controls Gaza, said an Israeli airstrike had caused the blast at the Ahli Arab Hospital. Hours later, Israeli officials said that one of the rockets fired at Israel by Palestinian militants had failed shortly after launch, causing what could be the deadliest single incident of the 10-day-old war.”
The world has now seen video and audio provided by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of two Hamas operatives discussing the hospital blast, and admitting it was their rocket that misfired, killing their own people. In the video, one of the operatives asks about the rocket: “It’s from us?” His cohort explains, “It looks like it.” He then goes on to explain the shrapnel examined from the rocket is not Israeli. The Hamas operative directly states they fired the rocket from behind the hospital and it misfired. What more evidence is needed? Every media outlet that seized the opportunity to pin the blame on Israel should be held accountable. Where are the retractions? Where are their public apologies?
Perhaps the more disturbing question is, was this really a misfire which accidentally took out innocent Palestinians, or was this done intentionally so that Hamas could stoke the fires against Israel, saying the IDF fired on the hospital? After all, putting the focus back on Israel by accusing them of attacking a hospital might make people forget the murders, rapes, and kidnappings committed by Hamas just over a week ago. Thankfully we now have this video provided by IDF to expose this misinformation.

Jihadists Strike Own Civilian Hospital

Health Ranger Reports;

Muckraker founder Anthony Rubin exposes US government-funded child trafficking in America

The Gateway Pundit reports;

Insurrection! Pro-Hamas Protesters Interrupt Senate Committee Hearing – Where is the FBI? Where are the Police with Clubs?

Insurrection! Pro-Hamas Protesters Interrupt Senate Committee Hearing – Where is the FBI?

Ron Paul reports;

On the eve of what was to be a highly-scripted visit by President Biden to Israel and Jordan, an apparent bombing of a hospital in Gaza tore the plan to shreds as anger at Israel and the US exploded in the region. The Arab leaders he was scheduled to meet in Jordan all bailed out of the summit, leaving just Biden and Netanyahu in an awkward embrace. Also today, Rep. McCaul to authorize US force against Lebanon? Biden to demand another $100 billion for Israel and Ukraine.

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Bumbling Biden’s Disastrous Middle East Trip

And Now GOD has The Last Word as his Prophets Speak!


LIVE WITH JULIE 10/19/2023

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