Is the Biden Administration Funding Both Sides Of The War In Ukraine?

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Have you wondered why Biden is so Hell-Bent on War? Is he in on it with Putin to destroy the US by drawing us into the conflict? Is China encouraging him to do this to create mutual destruction of the US and Russia leaving China on top? In this report from the War Room With Owen Shroyer, Owen has some answers.

Think About This. Since his Inauguration, Biden has cut off our energies sources from various pipelines restricted domestic drilling Destroying Our Energy Independence, Surrendered in Afghanistan, Bankrupted America by dragging out the “Plandemic“, Surrendered our Southern Border, leaving us open to invasion, This one along is an act of Treason, Kowtowing to China while his son is in “business” with them, Giving in to Iran which thanks to him may now become a Nuclear Power, And finally Trying to start a War with Russia which has the potential to destroy both Nations. As both are Nuclear Powers.

So here is the question.

Is Biden the Biggest Dumbass President in US History or Is He a Traitor Deliberlity trying to destroy the US from within? You decide and answer in the comments.

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