Is The Monkeypox Monkey Business hiding a Greater Threat?

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Dr. Peter McCullough of and author John Leake of join The Alex Jones Show to break down the true dangers of the monkeypox amid outbreak hysteria.

Does all the Scare Hype from Government Officials about monkeypox got you going Ape? Well Don’t let there Monkey business get to you. The Truth is according Dr. Peter McCullough while its very unpleasant, a bit more so than Chickenpox, its totally treatable. And there is already a vaccine available, if your into that sort of thing. I prefer a healthy diet, a God given Amune system, and Natural Medicine. Check out the video below and see for your self.

Dr. Roger Marshall had this to say:

“3 cases of monkey pox in the United States, and it gets more national media than fentanyl overdoses which are killing Americans at record rates.”

Alex Jones Reveals What’s Causing The Monkeypox Outbreaks

While Monkeypoxs itself is not generally life threatening, could it be cover for something worse?

You decide and let me know in the comments

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