IRS Amassing Its Own Army While Federal Reserve Intensifies Inflation Tax

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The IRS is hiring an army of tax collectors willing to use deadly force. reports IRS annual report shows heavily armed agents training to shoot PEOPLE-SHAPED TARGETS… IRS is building a massive paramilitary force armed with “weapons of war”

“(Natural News) The IRS Criminal Investigations annual report from 2021 touts photos of IRS rifle fire teams and IRS “police” shooters taking aim at rows of targets that represent American taxpayers.

A close inspection of the targets reveals they are not circular rifle targets that might be used in rifle competitions. They are people-shaped targets that are used to desensitize federal agents to the shooting and killing of human beings.”

This photo, also from the 2021 report, shows IRS agents impersonating police while firing handguns at paper targets:

The people addressed by these objectives are, obviously, American citizens.

Indeed, even after the IRS gathered a record $4.1 trillion as of late, it’s rarely enough. The American citizen should be compromised at gunpoint, assaulted with rifle groups and threatened with the recruiting of 87,000 new IRS specialists who will obviously specifically target traditionalists, Christians and Trump allies.

Here’s a close-up, zoomed in image of some of the targets:

Note that these targets are shaped like people, not merely circular target zones for rifle competitions or sighting in:

What these objectives demonstrate is that the IRS is purposely preparing to shoot American residents, and they are “desensitizing” their soldiers to have the option to pull the trigger when they are shooting individuals.

Under Biden, the national government is pursuing a hot conflict against the American public. They have begun a homegrown conflict, utilizing the power and limitless monetary assets of the national government to raise exacting multitudes of vigorously equipped bureaucratic specialists who will search out and execute Americans who won’t conform to the oppression.

As this is going on, AG Merrick Garland is addressing the American public and requesting residents quit being unkind to the FBI.

You can’t make this up…

Share these photos everywhere. Here’s the source of these photos, via

They will probably pull this PDF, so we have saved off a copy and will post that if needed.

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