Illegal Aliens Given Everything Free While Americans Starve!

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First up Special Report: Illegal Aliens Given Everything Free While Americans Starve!

Next At 1:27 in the morning on March 26, 2024, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, in Baltimore Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed after the Singapore registered container ship, the Dali, named after Salvador Dali, rammed into one of only two critical support pillars taking the majority of the 1.6 mile bridge down. The Dali was headed to Colombo, Sri Lanka, with two pilots and a crew of 22.

Then Private Domestic Proprietorship, the Heart of the American Dream Is in cardiac capture. Modern information uncovers that financial specialists have been sugar coating the rate at which money related goliaths have been gulping up America’s single family homes. 

The past number they assessed had as of now been a excruciating lowball of as it were 18-23% of single family homes being acquired. And financial specialists anticipated that they would possess a amazing 60% by 2030. 

That lie was just expecting to assist the harm go down. Since in 2023, private value firms bought up about half, 44% of all of the single family homes in America. The center course American homeowner’s dream is presently an American renter’s bad dream. 
Private value firms assess to obtain at slightest 44% of American single family homes in 2024. 

And like everything else. The uniparty has done nothing other than to lowball the financial analysts that got it off-base. The lobbyist lapdogs in D.C.’ s Nation Club of hubris are on course to deplete the nation dry and hand it over to the World Financial Gathering assembly the objectives of UN Plan 2030. Toss the rats out. Each final one of ’em. Feds Using Total Solar Eclipse Hysteria To Practice Martial Law Ahead Of Election.

And finally Alex Jones opens the phone lines to talk with barge experts on what could have possibly happened in Baltimore.

Extended Report

The Leo Zagami Show reports


The Alex Jones Show reports

EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn Calls Baltimore Barge Disaster A Black Swan Event

X22 Report

Ep 3316a – They Know The Economy Is Crashing, Big Players Are Continually Dumping Their Stocks

The New American

Contrary to the statements of federal healthcare authorities that Covid vaccines stay in the deltoid muscle after the injection, vaccine biodistribution via the bloodstream became obvious early on in the global vaccination campaign. That caused concern among many experts, one of whom was Marc Girardot, a French American entrepreneur and consultant. From the perspective of his work in the realm of biotech and cancer vaccine research, Girardot knew that vaccine particles could attack blood vessels, triggering a cascade of unintended harm all over the body. Moreover, Girardot suspected that, if injected as a bolus, the harm could potentially be truly devastating. His meticulous research of the hundreds of studies and case reports on the vaccine injuries confirmed his hypothesis.

In this interview with The New American, Girardot focuses on his groundbreaking bolus theory as it applies to two major cell types: those of the endothelium and stem cells. The transfection of the former results in autoimmune attacks that damage important barriers in the human body. Describing how Covid vaccines carry billions of nanoparticles, each capable of transfecting and killing one cell, the researcher said that to cause life-threatening damage, only a tiny bit of vaccine would need to make it into the bloodstream. “To trigger a quarter-size aorta dissection or aneurysm, you need about 60,000 cells to be transfected. Now that’s 0.0006 percent of the [dosage in a single] Pfizer vaccine. And it’s 0.00015 % of the Moderna vaccine,” he elaborated. Further, Girardot described how the bolus theory explains such common side effects of Covid vaccines as myocarditis and blood clots.

The consequences of the transfection of the stem cells could be just as dire. Being immunoprivileged, stem cells, which are responsible for the repair and regeneration of many other types of cells, don’t get destroyed by the immune system’s defenses. That means that, sustaining chromosomal changes and carrying viral code, they continue to propagate and can turn cancerous. That may explain the phenomenon of vaccine-induced turbo cancers.

The bolus theory applies not only to Covid vaccines. Inadvertent injections of various vaccines into the bloodstream of both children and adults are calculated to have maimed 190 million Americans over the course of the past couple of decades. Moreover, disruption of various barriers within the human body is known to lead to chronic conditions such as autism, infertility, obesity, endocrine disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and others.) that have been on the rise in America.

“What people need to understand is that every single injection is going IV [intravenous] to a degree or another,” and the greater the number of vaccines, the greater the risks of serious injury, warned the researcher, pointing to the expanding list of recommended vaccines.

Girardot concludes with a message of hope for vaccine-injured people, quoting proven benefits of oxygen therapy that helps repair the endothelium and revascularize the organs, including the brain, the gut, and the reproductive system.

These and many other matters are documented in Girardot’s book, The Needle’s Secret: Unraveling the Mystery of Vaccine Harm and the Bolus Theory Revolution.

“I really think it’s a book of hope. I mean, there is a dramatic aspect when I basically say, Look, if we continue that way, civilization is gone. But also, I think it’s a great way for people to understand what happened to them, for vaccine injured to understand what happened to them, because it explains its extremely.”

Please follow Marc Girardot on Substack at and X (Twitter) at

Marc Girardot. The Needle’s Secret: Vaccine Injuries and Chronic Diseases

The John Birch Society reports

The European Union just announced plans for a central bank digital currency to be implemented at the end of next year. A member of the European Central Bank said this digital euro is the future of money. But rest assured, it would not take the place of other forms of money, he claims.
How much do you trust digital currency? Or a better question is how much do you trust the government to manage your money, including your access to it?
We’ll look at just how well our own federal government has managed money and show you a few examples of why this move should be very concerning for anyone who cherishes their freedom. All this in today’s episode of Analysis Behind the News.
If you’re concerned about American independence and freedom, then please watch and take the recommended actions. Also, be sure to like, subscribe, and share, so we can break through Big Tech censorship and reach many others.

Should We Trust Government with Digital Currency? | JBS News Analysis

Take Action:
1. Tell Congress to Audit the Federal Reserve:

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The Gateway Pundit reports;

Welcome to The Gateway Pundit’s Week-in-Review with Elijah Schaffer, where he covers the top 5 stories throughout the week in around 10 minutes.

ARTICLE 1: Captain and Crew of DALI Cargo Ship Were Taken to Walmart Before Ship Crashed into Key Bridge

ARTICLE 2: Lara Logan on Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse: “Everyone Knows… This Is a Cyber Attack on a Critical Infrastructure Corridor in the United States”

ARTICLE 3: NTSB Releases Data on DALI’s Black Box, Reveals No CCTV Footage Found, Sensors Cut Off and Turned Backed On, Voice Recorder Disrupted By Background Noise

ARTICLE 4: Powerful House Democrat ‘Sends a Shockwave’ Through Political Scene by Announcing Retirement

ARTICLE 5: DC US Attorney Matthew Graves Fights to Keep J6ers Charged with ‘Obstruction’ Statute Jailed Pending SCOTUS Decision – Trump Judge Responds with Fire

We The People report;

Dive into the heart of action with our highlight reel from the “Take Our Border Back Southern Border Convoy & 3-State Rally” on February 3rd, 2024.

Witness firsthand the unity, passion, & determination of citizens across Arizona, California, & Texas, as we came together to voice our concerns & demand change for our Southern border’s security & integrity.

This video captures the most powerful speeches, engaging interviews with dedicated local candidates, incumbents, small business owners & the overwhelming support from fellow Americans determined to safeguard our freedoms and uphold the United States Constitution.
Experience the energy, hear the stories & see the faces of those taking a stand against the crisis affecting our nation’s border.

“Take Our Border Back” isn’t just an event; it’s a movement echoing the call for action, awareness, and accountability. Watch the highlights to relive the day’s most impactful moments and to inspire others to join in our continuing efforts to secure our borders, protect our communities, and ensure a safe, prosperous future for all Americans.
Twitter @TOBBConvoyAZ

Highlights & Unforgettable Moments: “Take Our Border Back” Event | 02.03.2024

The Ron Paul Liberty Report

According to a new YouGov poll, the majority of Americans of military age would refuse to fight if a major global conflagration broke out including the United States. What does this say about our foreign policy and US future? Also today: Rep. Massie exposes cattle-tagging tyranny. Finally: Texas Governor declares war…on the First Amendment!

‘Hell No, We Won’t Go!’ – Most Americans Would Not Serve If War Broke Out

Redacted News reports

The NTSB just released their initial findings of the Baltimore bridge collapse and it’s a stunning contradiction of the Biden administration. Why did President Biden come out first thing in the morning to tell us their investigation showed no signs of foul play? The NTSB didn’t arrive on board until two days later. Journalist Lara Logan says her intelligence sources confirmed that this was an intentional cyber attack.

We NOW know they’re LYING about the Baltimore bridge collapse, Biden’s great replacement | Redacted

NextNewsNetwork reports

LIVE! N3 PRIME TIME: GOP Plot, Leaders Clash, Squatting Laws & TikTok Exploits

Health Ranger Report

BBN, Mar 27, 2024 – Baltimore bridge attack NO ACCIDENT…

American Center for Law and Justice reports

The collapse of a Baltimore bridge due to a cargo ship incident has thrust President Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, into the limelight once again. This event raises questions about whether Secretary Buttigieg should step down in light of several transportation mishaps in recent years with over $2 Trillion from Americans funding infrastructure.

$2 Trillion for Infrastructure Causes Concern After Baltimore Bridge Tragedy


Flashpoint: Border Revival & The News! (3/28/24)

Dutch Sheets: Bridge Disaster Prophetic Connection! | FlashPoint






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