“Good Morning Students” … “Good Morning AI Overlord”

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In recent years, schools across America, with the help of private companies, have been significantly ramping up surveillance on students, largely in the name of keeping the children safe. Now that there is big buzz about artificial intelligence, or “AI,” it should come as little surprise that peeping adults will increasingly employ AI to aid them in the surveilling of school students.

Last week, the Dallas Independent School District was boasting about its new pilot project, undertaken along with the company Davista. The pilot project, the school district says, uses AI to extensively monitor each student and then sound the alarm if a student deviates from his “baseline” behavior.

Talk about stifling. Doesn’t growing up tend to involve moving away from your baseline? And since when does being a kid mean you should have no privacy? Tough kids, that is not how the AI sees things.

The last time I wrote about the Dallas Independent School District was in May of 2021. In that post, I discussed the district then busing students off campus to receive experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots — another Big Brother project fallaciously taken in the name of protecting the children.

In that May post, I noted that “At its website, the Dallas Independent School District describes itself as the fourteenth largest school district in America, with ‘approximately 154,000 students in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade.’” Here is some good news: The district’s website now indicates that it has dropped down to sixteenth largest school district in America and has experienced a decline to approximately 141,000 students.

That significant reduction over the last two years in the number of students subjected to the district’s dictates may provide some real progress toward protecting the children.

Parents, check on how your children are being treated by their schools, including in the name providing for their own protection. Your view of what should be done to protect your children is likely quite different than that of the people in charge at your children’s schools.

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