Globalist deep state could be planning a false flag attack on Biden when he travels to Europe

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As reported by NewsWars, “Joe Biden has become a liability for the global deep state, which is why they may try to have him assassinated as a way of accelerating a world war against Russia.” And he is in Europe right Now. See Full Video Report Below.

I have to wonder about the wisdom of sending a US president into an area very near a War Zone. What are they thinking? Well if Any harm were to come to a US President even an unpopular one the US would undoubtedly be drawn fully into the current conflict. And to be clear no one here would want that. The US is loyal to its Presidents even the Unpopular ones. But for those who want the US in this conflict, War Profiteers, ect. such an attack would give them exactly what they want. And WWIII could begin.

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