Glenn Greenwald’s System Update Becomes the Ron Paul Show for a Day

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Ron Paul fans — and anyone interested in learning more about the man, his ideas, and his influence, the Thursday episode of Glenn Greenwald’s always interesting and informative System Update show is a must see. The entire episode is devoted to the prominent libertarian communicator.

Greenwald starts the episode with a detailed exploration of Paul’s ideas and activities largely focused on how Paul is “one of the most principled, honest, and interesting voices in US political life,” as well as “one of the pivotal figures of the 21stcentury and American politics.” The episode then proceeds to a wide-ranging discussion between Greenwald and Paul.

Watch the episode here:

Many viewers of this Ron Paul focused episode will want to see more when it ends. This is the outlook of Greenwald as well. In the episode’s conclusion, Greenwald expresses to Paul, with whom Greenwald is communicating via a video connection, that he wants to travel to talk with Paul more in person on Paul’s own show, the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

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