Führer Biden Creates American “Ministry of Truth”!

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As Twitter is Liberated and Millions of Americans “get there voices heard again”, and the very Democrats who once kissed Biden’s Ass now want to “throw him under the Bus” and turn him into a Fall-Guy or Patsy to blame for all our Woes and of course cover there own Asses before mid-terms, our Commander and Führer Biden creates a “Disinformation Governance Board” headed by a proponent of the thoroughly debunked Russia collusion hoax, according to reports. As Reported by Infowars. Ministry of Truth anyone? Whats the “ministry of truth” you ask? For those unfamiliar with George Orwell’s masterpiece, the Ministry of Truth is the propaganda and censorship department of Oceania, the fictional setting for Orwell’s dystopia. Known as Minitrue in Newspeak, the name Ministry of Truth is a misnomer kind of like the “Patriot Act”. Now does it Ring a Bell, Now do you get the reference? Whats the Symbolism here?

The Ministry of Truth symbolizes the Party’s belief that power is the most important commodity that they have access to. And the power over what people believe (which includes power over the past) is part of that equation. Sound Familiar? Like say Democrats, Antifa, ect. who are using every possible means to control information so only there “narrative” or version of events and even History is known.

There is a reason our Founders made “Freedom of Speech and Expression” Number One in the Bill of Rights! The freedom to express an opinion without fear of being prosecuted is an important cornerstone of a free society, yet this right has a long history of suppression. Throughout history, individuals have often been punished for criticizing their rulers, or sharing ideas that challenged the establishment of their time. And all of these rulers where Tyrants. Remind you of anybody we know?

In recent years, there has been a troubling shift in favor of both increased government censorship and indeed a culture of censorship, even in countries which have historically proclaimed the virtues of free speech. Like The US for Example! As more and more corruption is exposed the cry’s of desperate Politicians who want to control information and call for more and more Censorship for “Our Safety and Protection”. But the truth is its for THERE PROTECTION!

Infowars Reports; “The aim of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board will be to combat narratives the government doesn’t like, specifically regarding the illegal alien invasion of the U.S. southern border and the Ukraine-Russia conflict”. But I think its just as much about covering there corruption and saving there “image” before the Mid-terms during which will likely loose big time, assuming a actual fair election that is.

Now lets talk about who is going to run this HHS Circus in “The Most Repulsive Show On Earth”. Her name is Nina Jankowicz . And she will head the board as executive director. In a Twitter post she brags about the job.

So what qualifies Her to tell you what to read and think? Here is what Clay Travis said on twitter;

And this is what Tucker Carlson had to say:

On The American Journal, Harrison Smith Had this to say:

Alex Jones put out a report on this on his show. This is what He had to say:

So Here its in a “Nut Shell”. Just when you thought America could not get any more Fascist, this happens and how far will they take this? Will you have Jack Boots at the door every time they don’t like what you say? Or will it be challenged either in Court or in Legislature? Will America put up with this?

You tell me in the comments.

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