Former Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon declares covid vaccines are “toxic by design” – they’re weapons to reduce global population

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Natural News reports Democrats in Washington State are now pushing a bill, WAC 246-100, which would authorize “health officers” (Democrat vaccine Gestapo) to kidnap anyone at gunpoint and throw them into covid concentration camps which have already been activated. The people targeted under this tyrannical rule need not show any signs of sickness or infection to be ripped from their homes and families. Democrat-run medical goons can simply look at people and declare, “You’re sick, and you and you” and have you taken away at gunpoint to be incarcerated in concentration camps that are already up and running.

Covid jabs are a depopulation and destabilization plot to usher in a Great Reset

Natural News Continues;

The so-called “vaccines” are perhaps the most offensive component of the sham, though. These, Yeadon says, were “always going to harm people” because of the horrible way they were designed.

Not only is messenger RNA (mRNA) technology completely new and experimental, but the encoding that was done to have the shots target just the outside of the spike protein makes them exceptionally dangerous.

“By choosing this design, the range of outcomes is probably 1,000 times worse than it would be for a conventional vaccine,” Yeadon says about the mRNA jabs.

As the SCOTUS deliberates the future of the Vaccine mandates, Blue states work to implement their Covid INTERNMENT CAMPS! These camps are not new, they have been around a while but are called by different names such as FEMA camps. Despite the Governments claims these CAMPS have “Humanitarian purposes” they will reside behind Barbed wire and armed guards. In this report from Alex Jones, you will see for yourself.

One thing is for certain, Regardless of SCOTUS’s ruling Biden and the Globalists are not giving up. In a recent statement, Biden said that this might be a job for the states. Maybe He is laying the groundwork to use states to enforce his Mandates just in case the SCOTUS rules against Him. And as mentioned by Mike Adams in his Situation Report, the Blue states are preparing to do exactly that.