Democrats Announce Plan To Force Vaccinate Children Without Parental Consent

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War Room With Owen Shroyer Reports Owen covers the left’s shocking agenda to bypass parents and vaccinate children.

Califonia is after the kids too.

“The rush to jab your kids in CA…bring em in and shoot em up with everything in a needle at the same time! Don’t worry parents, of course there are NO safety studies!”

In Tennessee, Parents are standing their ground.

“They are trying to bypass the parents and influence their children to vaccinate. Tennesseans are not going to allow it. Most parents in Tn. vaccinate their children (maybe not for covid until more studies have been done) so don’t buy into the liberal lies.”

Our children are the most precious gift God gives us and it is our decision how their healthcare is handled not Schools, Government, or anybody else! DON’T BACK DOWN! STICK UP FOR YOUR KIDS!