Defending Jacob Hornberger Against the Libertarian Party Chairman’s Insults

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Jacob Hornberger has been a prolific and erudite communicator for liberty over the past few decades through his own written and oral communication and through the Future of Freedom Foundation of which he is the founder and president.

Nonetheless, Angela McArdle, the chairman of the United States Libertarian Party, proclaimed this month in an episode of the show Your Welcome with host Michael Malice that Hornberger is “a total psycho” who is “there behind the bars screaming.” She also, in the episode, called this hero for libertarianism an example of “peak autism and hypocrisy.”

Of course, people familiar with Hornberger would know to be very skeptical of these snide comments. But, other people may be inclined to believe this disparagement by the Libertarian Party chairman has merit.

Anyone who thinks McArdle is on to something in her insults directed at Hornberger would be well served by listening to the June 15 episode of economist Bob Murphy’s The Bob Murphy Show in which Murphy comprehensively demonstrates McArdle’s assertions regarding Hornberger lack foundation. Listen to this episode here.

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