Deep State Preparing Covid Camps To Hold Political Enemies During Nuclear War

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Alex Jones lays out the globalist’s plan to hold political dissidents in modern concentration camps to quell dissent during the financial collapse and world war.

Although this map is very useful and Alex’s report informative, I think a coastal attack would be much more likely. In my opinion NY would be most likely one of the targets if not the primary one. NY is the city of cites, know world wide. Its a simble of America and American Freedom. Its the home of our financial markets and hitting just that target would devastate the whole nation. I think multiple targets are less likely because they know we can and will, unless Biden stops us, order a full retaliation. For this reason I think its more likely any attack on US soil may not be nuclear in nature. It may just as bad in terns of damage but not nuclear. The reason is The use of nukes is today’s “Pandoras Box” and don’t think they want to open it. The second reason is they want our farm land and its no good to them if its radioactive.

And now if you are wondering what you can do in the event of a Nuclear Strike, Mike Adams may have some answers.

NUCLEAR WAR SURVIVAL: Most people die from the collapse, not the radiation

Mike and Alex are very intelligent and well educated individuals who take a logical and practical approach. I respect them both, but I would like to offer a more Optimistic Faith based point of view from one of Our Modern Profits Julie Green. I invite to watch, listen and decide for yourself.


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