Covid Liars Exit Stage Left — War Liars Enter Stage Right

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By Chris Rossini

We Americans have had a 2 year break from the war liars; a nice reprieve from being constantly told that some boogeyman from a foreign nation was coming to get us. Sadly, during those two years, another set of liars, Covid liars, filled the vacuum. Instead of constant lies about “the next Hitler,” we were bombarded with constant lies about a virus and a “vaccine.”

Now that the Covid liars are petering out, serendipitous events on the other side of the planet have jolted the war liars out of their lockdown pajamas. They’re back at their laptops where they can once again become keyboard warriors.

Americans live under a tag-team of liars for tyranny.

Covid liars are now exiting stage left, and war liars are entering stage right.

Tyranny is tyranny. It just comes in different wrappers at different times. The oxygen for tyranny is always fear. People must be afraid, otherwise the authoritarian apparatus comes crashing down. This is why there is never a let up. 

Constant “crisis” means constant fear, which means constant increases in power for government (and its corporate sponsors). Subsequently that means less freedom for us.

Over the last two years, we were told to be intensely afraid of a virus with a 99+% survival rate. We were pressured to take an experimental concoction, with no idea as to how it would affect us now or in the future; and if we did not do these things, we were to be treated as selfish and traitorous scum.

Now that those lies have lost their muster, and enough people have finally woken up, a new and similar set of nefarious ideas are in our faces.

We are to be intensely afraid of what is happening thousands of miles away, on the other side of the earth!

You see, all the way over there, there’s a border dispute. We have care about this, even if we have no idea where this border is on a map. It doesn’t matter that it has nothing to do with us. We must care, and we must support whatever it is we’re told to support. Otherwise, we are selfish and traitorous scum (again).

All of our problems stem from this border on the other side of the world. Can’t afford food or gas? It’s because of what is taking place over there. Shortages? Messed up economy? Look across the world for the source.

This endless cycle of lies and tyranny will continue as long as Americans believe the propaganda. It only ends when people stop believing. There’s no law that says you must believe the TV.

Look how quickly the Covid “mandates” and “passports” were reversed. Enough people stopped believing and the Covid Berlin Wall came crashing down. But the damage has been done. It took way too long to wake up.

Now the war worshippers are back. It doesn’t matter how many failed wars and invasions they have under their belts. It doesn’t matter that they’ve financially bankrupted our nation by foolishly trying to police the world. They’re back, and they’re ready to do more damage to our freedom.

That’s exactly what will happen if (and only if) we believe them.

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