Can We Survive Another LOCK DOWN?

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Another LOCKDOWN: Can You Survive?

We have all come realize the damage done by the first Lockdown and the Embargoes created by Biden on Russia which hurt us more then Russia combined with a second Lockdown may be more than our economy can handle. Add to that a Senile "Presidential Puppet" who does not care about this Nation and is desperate to cover his own Ass as evidence of Corruption allegedly involving His Son and likely himself has resurfaced on the Laptop From Hell That Congress now has a copy of and parts of which will soon be released on the Internet. Biden's own People, the Democrats are beginning to turn on him and the likely-hood of a prosecution for his son and impeachment proceedings for him are more likely with every passing day. The only reason this has not happened yet is that The VP Harris who would replace Hi is worse than He is.

Biden might try to Attempt another Lockdown for two reasons:

  1. To add yet another distraction to cover up the ever growing evidence o his corruption.
  2. To devastate the already fragile US economy so his Globalist Buddy's can take over America.

The First LOCKDOWN succeeded because we let it. This time I hope We are wiser and will PUSH BACK and not let it happen again. Peaceful resistance is the only shot we have for now.

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