Biden sets the Stage for A False Flag Ops Targeting Trump to Derail Reelection Campaign

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Alex Jones Predicts Leftist False Flag Ops Targeting Trump to Derail Reelection Campaign and its not exactly surprising. Just days ago Beijing Biden declared war on and any American that does not support him. Even some of his own Democrats cant believe what they heard.

Here is a Report from Infowars Jon Bowne on Bidens Address;

As a result of this Address there has been a huge backlash. Here are some of the Internets Best Responses.

More Responses

So after seeing of this and considering the upcoming Mid-terms which Dems are slated to loose assuming a fair election. Biden is desperate! He needs to paint Conservative Trump supporters as Bad to distract the voters. And this will backfire on him! Conservatives are peaceful and smart enough not to fall for this and do something stupid. Here is the problem. As Alex will point out in the next report, If he wants an attack to blame on conservatives bad enough, he just might “manufacture” one by creating a “False Flag ” event. A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party. And now Alex’s Report;

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