Biden Admin Launches Proxy War while He Decimates Our Military with the Jab!

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The Biden Administration along with the Military-Industrial Complex is weaving tall tales within the dying sycophantic propaganda media to create a proxy war with a reluctant Russia. Vladamir Putin’s response to the floundering inept Biden Administration’s accusations is altered by a media in cahoots with a neocon plan that could quickly run off the tracks. Meanwhile, the Great Reset overlords are playing the World War card amongst the minions of globalism in order to further their failing agenda. Watch Video for Full report.

Tucker Carlson compared President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate to Nazi experiments on concentration camp captives and similar human experiments undertaken by the imperial Japanese military

Pentagon Pumps the Brakes on Civilian COVID Vaccine Mandate

The move, however, does not stop the mandate for troops to be inoculated against COVID-19, as they are also ordered to receive at least a dozen other vaccines against ailments such as the flu, smallpox and hepatitis. Some service members have already been booted from the force for refusing to comply.

Department of Defense has announced plans to add the coronavirus vaccine to the list of mandated vaccines. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Monday that he will seek the president’s approval to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine by mid-September

Yet while all of this is going on Bejing Biden is pushing for War with Russia for a conflict we have business being involved in!

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