As NATO activates Forces As Putin Orders Nuclear Deterrent Forces To High Alert

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As NATO activates its Response Force for First Time in History Putin Orders Nuclear Deterrent Forces High Alert! While all of this is going on Badass Ukraine President Zelensky Turns Down Biden’s Offer—He’s Not Going Anywhere: “The fight is here…I need ammunition, not a ride”. This is one Gutsey Guy!

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You would never see a Modern American President or any American Governor do this! Accept maybe, Trump 😉 the courage of the locals is incredible. While many American Liberals would “Hide in their Basements” and avoid the fight while the Patriots fight if placed under similar circumstances, the people of Ukraine are locking and loading, and joining the fight. That’s courage! That’s Guts! Many here cry and wine over the slightest inconvenience and could not handle a situation like this. We need to toughen up! Hard times ahead for America if Biden gets his way and so far he is. The folks in Ukraine should inspire us. If they can fight for their country then so can we! Fighting does not necessarily mean violence, at least not yet. The truckers currently traveling to DC have the right idea. They just need more support from the couch potatoes who are watching at home hoping someone will “Save Them” when what they should be doing is getting involved and helping in whatever way they can.

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